Scream 4Everywhere
Well, I’ll tell you one thing, the Scream 4 website will crash your computer, and that shit is terrifying when your document is saving. I guess if you were wondering what happened to Neve Campbell’s career, here’s where to look. Creepy! If don’t like being scared or laughing or really getting anything out of your movie watching experience, definitely check it out. Or better, just rent the original and relive the goofy fun. Then again, Rain really liked it! Here’s her review.

If you liked Ice Age, but hated all that ice, this is the movie for you!

If you liked Ice Age: Rio but wanted fewer animals, less animation, and more circus tricks, then you gotta see Circo! A documentary about the Mexican Cirque Du So Lame. I read Geek Love, I know what’s up. Parents all taking peyote mixed with Ritalin and having kids with 15 legs and shit, just so they can be in the sideshow. What kind of life is this!? All yucks aside, I’m totally seeing this because it looks pretty magical.

Playback: ATA Film & Video Festival 2006 – 2010Roxie (Tuesday only)
A retrospective of the best short films from Artists’ Television Access, a San Francisco experimental media arts gallery/place I find ridiculous. I wish someone would buy this place and turn into an American Apparel. I joke, it’s really great, love how they bring (a certain type of) people together. But yeah, I bet those shorts are very unique.

Henry’s CrimeEmbarcadero
Keanu Reeves and James Caan in the same movie! This movie might be called Henry’s Crime, but I call it, Laura’s Gift–I love both those fuckers! If I say that Keanu Reeves is sleepwalking through a role, what does that tell you? I mean, it’s Keanu Reeves, possibly the worst actor of our (or any) times, and he is like, “This role looks pretty chill, I’m just gonna coast.” That’s not good, but it’s cute. Just like Keanu! Mix that with James Caan all being the criminal that he is, and you’ve got yourself an enjoyable evening at the movies, folks!

The ConspiratorEverywhere
First things first, I thought this movie was called “The Constipator” until about two minutes ago. Now that that’s out of the way, Robin Wright Penn stars as Mary Surratt (Yes, Mary Surratt) in this Robert Redford-directed (meow!) historical drama about Lincoln’s assassination. Advance word is that it’s the definition of mediocre, but I’ll see it. That’s something about me, I’ll see or read anything about three things: Former presidents (with a few exceptions), Girl bands (no exceptions), or any kind of musical–even if it’s some fake musical shit like Moulin Rouge. Saw it twice in the theaters.

San Francisco International Film FestivalVarious
The 54th San Francisco International Film Festival starts on Thursday, April 21nd and runs through May 5th. There are lots of attractive offerings, I’m particularly interested in the restored version of Fellini’s La Dolce Vita, which is just too damn sexy to pass up. We’ve got reviewers going, so keep checking back to see what rules and what drools. You work hard for the money, we don’t want you spending it on crap! SF Appeal CARES.

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