Sucker PunchEverywhere
It’s like they wanted to remake Britney Spears’ “Hit Me Baby One More Time” video, but set in a prison! Extra hot/creepy! I don’t know… it’s an overblown, over stylized mess. My friend Ben saw it last night and said, “Dude, WTF. That movie is ridiculous. I kinda liked it though! It’s like seriously a blend of Inception, Shutter Island, and Showgirls. And Moulin Rouge.” I feel like if you’re in the mood to see a big, overwhelming, goofy piece of shit, this is your (mostly terrible) ticket. Here’s what Rain thought.

Winter in WartimeEmbarcadero
Another Dutch coming-of-age during World War II film. Once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all! There’s been others, right? Because it really feels like it. Anyway, it’s slightly deep, kinda sad, and pretty boring. Sorry, this is a rough week for movies. Don’t shoot the messenger!

Win WinEverywhere
From the clever Tom McCarthy, the gentleman who directed The Station Agent. Who doesn’t love that charming little (ha!) comedy? Assholes, that’s who. Win Win promises to be funny, adorable, and winning*, if a little twee. You know you’ll go see it and laugh and cry and feel better about the world, if just for a moment. And isn’t that enough?

An Argentinian sexually sexy noir-thriller about an ambulance-chasing lawyer, and a medic who rescues him. From himself. Bam! This movie can’t decide if it’s a love story or social commentary. You see, a bizarrely large number of people die in car accidents there, about 8,000 a year. It’s become this whole business, with big lawsuits, insurance scams, and people doing what they do best: hustling their fellow man. If you feel like seeing a serious movie that isn’t perfect but has moments of chaotic brilliance, Carancho is quite a ride.

The Disposable Film FestivalVarious
It’s a shorts film festival that probably interests you if you subscribe to Photojojo’s newsletter. And you should, it’s a great newsletter. Opening night was last night and it was sold out…. I guess I should’ve told you about this last week. You live, you learn!

*ugh, will that word ever regain its former glory? Fuck Charlie Sheen.

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