ask.att.jpgAt the corner of Hawthorne and Folsom, across the street form the Passport agency and Canton Dim Sum is a mysterious building. A derelict office building that some say is haunted. Is it haunted? Is it slated for demolition? Is it slated for underground raves?

I went over to the building in question one rainy day to check it out for myself. The large, looming structure is mysterious indeed: rows and rows of small darkened windows, a dusty lobby filled with scaffolding and discarded tarp, and “No Trespassing” signs that had been posted only a few weeks previous. I peered through the gate: there was a ripped poster for “Padriac Rya” (maybe the Padriac Ryan Damon Cooke shot in 1991???) with a barely discernible 510 phone number that rang endlessly when I called it (seriously, I’m not making this shit up), but nothing else. However, the No Trespassing signs had an address: TMG Partners, in Emeryville.

After weeks of calling the office, the only info I got was that TMG had recently purchased the building–and the person who gave me that information asked not to be quoted by name. (The purchase is so recent, in fact, that it’s not listed on TMG’s site.)

Finally, I talked to Matt Field, TMG’s managing director. He told me via email: “The building is not haunted (as far as I know), the building is not slated for demolition, and there will be no underground raves.”

He said the building was previously offices for SBC Communications and that it had been vacant for several years. He also told me that it was built by Pacific Bell in the 60’s.

“We are currently evaluating renovation alternatives for the property,” he said–but did not respond when I asked him to tell me more.

If you have any anecdotes about the building, let us know in the comments. There has to be someone with a ghost story or at least a really good underground rave story out there!

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  • dotben

    I believe when inhabited by PacBell/AT&T, this building was “666 Folsom” thus probably the genesis for the haunted theory.

    You can see a photo of the frontage of the building during it’s 666 era at:

  • boga

    The address was recently changed from 666 to 672 for the obvious reasons…Built in the 60’s for THE telephone company aka “Ma Bell” or AT&T my uncle spent time there in the PR department offices. The place is full of all the usual toxics from years gone by, asbestos, lead, etc… for some time over the last few years some sort of abatement and rennovation work was being peformed. There were windows removed and replaced with plywood with openings for fresh air supply ducting and shoots for debris removal from abatement I suspect. This will be a tough re-purpose project requiring large dollars for chasing after pretty flat office lease rates in that area – maybe the next latest deep pocket social media sensation will take the entire space for some sort of hip, haunted, cube farm for their goth coders? Meanwhile, its vacant unuseable office inventory that will take many moons to be asborbed at current demand rates.