Remember when BART Wednesdays used to also mean dollar beers at the Oakland Coliseum? Yeah, neither do I, but those were the days! Now, it’s a new day and new beer issue has come into play for the place you go to see the Raiders or A’s do their thing. For as reports, a clever fan with too much beer and time on his hands has made a discovery more shocking than Dallas Braden’s perfect game: you’re getting the same size beer if you pay for a small or a large.

Rather than witness the magic of Moneyball, watch as the beer passes between two cups in the video above. According to anyone with good vision, both cups hold the same amount but one looks larger, hence the large title. The large beer, reports Bleacher Report, retails at the Oakland Coliseum for $8, the small for $5.

ARAMARK, the company responsible for food service at the Oakland Coliseum, responded to both Consumerist’s Chris Morran and Bleacher Report’s Brandon McClintock with the same brief statement, which read “For a short time early last baseball season, we used an incorrect cup size for the $4.99 beer. The cup was larger than it should have been. When we discovered this, we began using the correct cup size.”

However, as McClintock notes, ARAMARK “claim(s) the problem was discovered last spring, and yet it repeated itself in the NFL in January. Kind of makes you wonder.”

Besides witnessing a potentially competitive team, fans can potentially expect to compete in a contest of savings come opening day, let us know how it goes for you!

If you feel like taking ARAMARK at their word, however, you can just watch for fellow green collars sloshing beer between cups. If any spills, they’re either that drunk or something’s changed; what hasn’t is our beloved ballpark. Look out for the same dinginess you know and love!

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