We were glad we weren’t there, but we didn’t like being left out of the action.

We tried saying things like, “The Eastern seaboard is totally shut down,” but then we felt foolish and went inside.

We got bored with all the weather related tweets and decided to only follow God, but he, too, was retweeting the wait times at BTV.

We started wishing for an earthquake.

We looked outside. It’s 57 degrees and raining, in case anyone was wondering, which we realize, they weren’t.

According to Twitter, some New Yorkers’ flights were delayed 36 years and they died of old age while waiting for them. We thought that was a little self-indulgent. While they might not have anything better to do than die while waiting for a plane, out here in SF we can think of ways to spend our time that don’t involve reading second-hand accounts of other people’s weather.

For example, while East Coasters were trying to melt snow with their tears we were inventing the next Twitter: Mewmans, a service where people tell other people what they think their cats are thinking and the cats pretend not to care about being further humiliated on the internet. That’s one reason you may not have noticed our tweets over the last 4 days. We’ve given Twitter over to the amateur meteorologists, and moved on.

New Yorkers, or people trapped in New York (same thing), tweeted pictures of taxis drowning in snow on Lexington Avenue, and then they tweeted 13 more of the same picture, every time with the caption, “Can you believe this?” The first 12 times, no. Now, maybe.

I guess San Franciscans don’t know much about snow except that it’s white and makes you super chatty, which seems to be pretty much what they’re snorting on the East Coast, except over here we never found that it delayed travel much.

The weather hasn’t exactly been super nice here either, but we’re muddling through, hardly sharing any pictures of our rainboots in the rain, or stories about how it was so cloudy we waited at a red light for five minutes before realizing it was a stop sign. I guess we have other things to talk about besides the weather. Like the Mewmans. It’s pretty great.

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