Same Exact Kanye Album Hits #1 And #2 In iTunes Music Store
The same Kanye West album is currently sitting at #1 and #2 on iTunes. The only difference is the price, and a little extra.
ITMS charts Nov 23, 14:39
The album which costs an extra $5 carries an extra bonus track with a video and is in the #2 position. Both releases have digital booklets. If you purchased the $14.99 copy with bonus, please let me know if you, as the consumer, believe it was worth $5. With regard to the charts themselves, if releasing multiple versions of the same or almost same digital release proves a great way to game charts, expect to see more mega-multi-version-release digital products for sale soon.

She Might Use Jelli
In another effort to utilize technology to reinvent traditional media, Jelli announced last week their FM radio playlist crowdsourcing app is avaialble in the iTunes App Store. For the last year, Jelli has enabled users to take over participating FM radio stations using the Jelli web app at Now iPhone users can vote on tracks, and tap a rocket icon or a bomb icon to affect a song’s score and position in the radio station playlist. Jelli has a couple dozen participating FM Radio stations, including San Francisco’s own LIVE 105. After one full week of using the app, I I enjoyed the experience of voting songs up or down, hoping my favorite would get airplay. It has the feel of 1982 when I used to stay up all night and request songs. While Jelli is fun, it could prove to be problematic when their userbase expands unless they figure out a way to restrict the voting mechanism. Right now, the application informs the user how many others are voting. My favorite station is Rock. When I login, I usually see 8-12 others voting along with me. I can’t help but wonder what it would be like with 500 others. Without restrictive levels (like levels in an online game), the system could be simply overrun with actively voting trolls, much like an online forum. The iPhone app is free.

Kickstarter Breaks Ground For Stripmall Architecture
Stripmall Architecture, formerly Halou, will play a live performance of their early album “Wiser” in 2011, thanks to funding from fans via music’s most popular crowdsourced funding tool Kickstarter. This will be a highly technical production complete with a new box set and completely funded by fans, who pledged more money than was necessary for the project to succeed.

EMI Wants To Ban EFF From Court Room
Three years after the litigation began, EMI argues that a friend-of-the-court brief filed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation in support of MP3tunes is so long that it is “circumventing” the Court’s “page restrictions” causing “additional burden” and “prejudice” against EMI. The brief supports a new concept which stems from MP3tunes argument that a music locker service like MP3tunes is not responsible for the music files stored by users on the service. For more on the brief and history and a few more acronyms, check out Sam Gustin’s piece at Wired’s Epicenter.

Fake Bob Lefsetz Tweet Of The Week

fake bob

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