giants_db017.jpgIf there is one things that San Franciscans never cared about before and now care about a whole bunch that thing is their baseball team, the Giants.

You have never in your life known so many people who one minute were only interested in iPhones and bars and new media, and never said one thing about sports who are suddenly getting in fights with their friends because they NEED to have the Giants game on during their book club meeting.

These people are of course what real Giants fans call bandwagoneers, fair weather friends, poseurs, and stupids.

Recently, I was reading an article by one of these real Giants fans (hint: they are all over the age of 50 and work at The Chronicle) in which the author stated that those who have just caught Giants fever MUST under all circumstances refrain from buying tickets to playoff games, and if they already have tickets should actually give them to a “real” fan, (a man over 50 who works at The Chronicle).

What kind of insane logic is this? Since when have the people who would most enjoy something been the ones who got to go it? Since never, that’s when. I know I would really enjoy taking one of Beyonce’s 25 yearly trips to St. Tropez, in fact I think I would probably get more out of it than she does, but am I going write an article about it? Yes, and this is that article.

Since when do “real” fans (i.e. someone who has been vaguely interested in the Giants at least one time before now) get to own fandom, and force new fans (people who just get excited about unusual and exciting things) to have to give disclaimers when they say they are excited about the Giants being in the freaking World Series? It’s just exciting. Sorry.

I bet the players’ moms are really proud too, but does that mean I need to have birthed a member of the team in order to cheer for them? Do I need to be embarrassed that I’m not Tim Lincecum’s mother any more than I’m obviously already embarrassed that I’m not?

It’s almost as though the real fans don’t want the Giants to do well because all they care about is being the president of some super exclusive fan club.

So I’m just gonna say this right now: I hope The Giants kick ass today, and I’ll be watching the game from my book club. My name is Josie* and I never cared about the Giants until three weeks ago.

*some names have been changed to protect the innocent.

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  • lisa

    I’m a long time fan, with croixdestickz pins and t-shirts from the last time we were in the world series and I love that ALL of SF is rooting for the Giants right now. I have so many friends who just became fans in the last month. I think its awesome. I love this city. Go GIANTS!

  • Brock Keeling

    I love you, Ramona. Excellent.

    And I, too, am with you on the whole Beyonce/St. Tropez thing.

  • funkbomb

    I love you, Brock.

  • Katie Baker

    I would just like everyone to know that I am the one who started our book club fight. WHO HAVE I BECOME?

  • hannah

    Thank you, Katie, for owning up to it. Man, if only people got this fired up about things that ACTUALLY matter.

  • robotsongs

    Best SFA article this month for this line alone:

    “but am I going write an article about it? Yes, and this is that article.”

  • TheMattCave

    Part of being a diehard fan is the heartbreak. Its watching a team win 103 games, only to be one win short of the playoffs. It’s McCoveys line drive, just a couple feet too low, its Fe Fe getting shelled in Game 6. Moments like those MAKE fans. Being a real fan isn’t just about rooting for an exciting team, its about rooting for that team, through good and bad.
    The BandWagon doesn’t experience the heartbreak, they’re half ass fans who root for the front runners. Sure its exciting to watch now, but it pales in comparison if you actually knew how much heart break has occured since The Giants came to San Francisco.
    PS- Im not over 50, Im 29.

  • PeterHartlaub

    Sorry you didn’t like my Giants bandwagon article. I always look forward to Things San Franciscans Like and your other writing. Still do!
    One small quibble (an old white person word, I know …): I just turned 40. And my mother’s Mexican. Not asking for a correction, I just wanted people to know there are a few of us at the Chronicle who didn’t grow up listening to Perry Como and watching “Gunsmoke.”

  • ramonae

    Peter, I did like your article. I thought it was funny, and informative for people like me who are trying to get on the bandwagon. I just wanted to express my opinion that Beth Spotswood should be able to go to playoff games. Also, I’m sorry I said you were over 50, although I don’t think I ever accused you of not being Mexican!

  • PeterHartlaub

    Thanks Ramona. Beth got World Series tickets, and has taunted me by text since I wrote that line. And I totally deserve it …
    Not to quibble (there’s that word again) but the original piece said “WHITE MEN over the age of 50 who work at the Chronicle” (emphasis mine). The two sentences where the words “white men” were used have since been edited to remove those words.
    Again, not asking for a correction. I just don’t want people to think I threw in the part about my mother being Mexican out of the blue.

  • Eve Batey


    As I said to you in email, you are mistaken. Ramona files to me via email, and I edit and publish her column. Her original piece did not have “white men” in it, and I certainly did not add it.

    What readers see on the page is exactly what we published, as any reader who uses RSS can see, as the “original” version of our articles are preserved there.

    Saying that we edited a story after publication like that is a very nasty accusation.

    As I said in email to you, I’m disappointed that you’d take a lighthearted column about an attitude (if it were specifically pointed at your piece, after all, we would have linked — that’s what we do) that a lot of folks seem to be expressing and turn it into an attack on our ethics.

  • PeterHartlaub

    Eve and Ramona,
    I could have sworn I saw the words “white men.” Since you’ve informed me your records show otherwise, you have my sincere apologies. I regret not sending one of you a note and sorting this out privately before making a public accusation.

  • TheMattCave


  • real_giants_fan

    Maybe, just maybe one should read up on the history of the giants and watch for more than three weeks before generalizing about ‘real giants fans’ who sell out AT&T park all season, every season, world series or not. Sorry, I understand where some of this sentiment comes from, but this article really gets me amped. It’s an insult to the bay area sports fan base of all ages that rivals any east coast city, so what if we also draw from the young techy crowd this year, all the better, especially if they watch again next year.

    “Real Giants fans” aren’t over 50…they just actually suffered all these years. I don’t care if new people watch, in fact, i’m glad if they do…but hell yes I feel entitled to pick on them a bit. Deal with it. You’re welcome to join us on Opening Day next year.

  • real_giants_fan

    and amen to TheMattCave…3 MORE WINS is all that matters tonight!

  • Anna Gazdowicz

    Love it love it love it!

  • TheMattCave

    2 MORE WINS!!!!!

  • Syncdata

    To echo previous comments, it’s really not an elitest type of thing…well, it mostly isn’t. Enjoy the series! Learn to hate the dodgers with the white hot fury of a thousand suns! The more the merrier.

    The irksome nature of fair weather fans is precisely that they have not suffered through the heartbreak of giving away a world series in the bonds era, or getting absolutely destroyed in 89, or kicked to the curb by the cardinals in 87.

    Being a baseball fan (outside of certain markets which will remain nameless) is about getting your hopes up, and then having them let down, year after year, until finally, without warning, a team like this pops up and shocks everyone (by the grace of the skyfather).

    All that matters is that you remain a fan after the good times. Because even in the bad times, there is plenty of good baseball to be had.

  • netzard

    I have no issue with bandwagon fans. Its bringing this city together in ways almost nothing, save a natural disaster can. Heartbreak is the normal lot in life for baseball fans who don’t root for the Yankees. Once people fall in love with a baseball team, that last for life, and I am thrilled for new Giants fans being introduced to my favorite sport by the antics of that motley crew of misfits and weirdos. I mean, what’s not to love? The more, the merrier, gang. I want every single human in this town to root for the Giants.
    Go Giants!

  • TheMattCave

    1 MORE FUCKING GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TheMattCave

    WE JUST WON THE FUCKIN WORLD SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!

  • TFitz

    Went to all the trouble to sign up just to mention that this article is barely intelligible.
    Take a little pride in your work. OMG, now I see you have an editor. Rather sad.

  • bkalberino

    Oh, Ryan Irwin. Trolling again, I see. According to the internet’s top-of-the-line, fail-safe jerk-detection algorithm, you use this space to carry out personal attacks against this specific writer under silly fake aliases.

    Stop bullying. It’s a thing that bad people do. Fortunately for humanity, most bad people fail to encrypt their IP addresses. Like you. And Nigerian Princes.

  • achiappanza

    You want real seniority wars? Go to Burning Man! Like I did from 1993-2000 when IT WAS COOL! Hee hee, hoo hoo, urk, cough cough.