friendspot.jpgRemember “Friends”? If you’re like us, you can’t forget the 1990s situational comedy staple as hard as you may try (though we have vague recollections of playing Truth or Dare to The Rembrandts).

But reruns of Monica, Rachel and whatever David Schwimmer’s character was called are on Proposition 19’s DVR after the show’s executive producer donated $75,000 to the marijuana semi-legalization measure’s cause earlier this month, public records show.

Kevin Bright of Encino, CA forked over the check on October 9, public records show ( His wasn’t the only largesse enjoyed in recent days: Progressive Auto Insurance czar Peter Lewis plunked down $50,000 on October 14, and locally, Belvedere-based philanthropist Stephen Silberstein donated another $50,000 and Paul Buchheit, a Los Altos-based Facebook engineer, threw down $5,000.

Bright, whose television credits also include short-lived Friends spinoff Joey, also contributed $1,000 to Proposition 19’s cause in August. We would make a joke about marijuana being the only thing that would make Joey enjoyable, but truth be told we’ve never seen an episode.

Efforts to reach Bright were unsuccessful, but The Appeal didn’t try too hard (we just yelled RACHEL I LOVE YOU outside the window really loud. Hey, if it worked for Ross, it could work for us).

Snark aside, Bright’s donation is yet another large contribution in a string of large contributions received by the campaign since the September 30 filing deadline for the previous six months.

Check it out: with Bright, Silberstein and Lewis alone, that’s $175,000; all told Proposition 19 has received about $230,000 in big donations since October 1 alone.

By contrast, the No on 19 campaign has raked in $85,000 since October 1. Who knew that marijuana would ever be the favorite and not the underdog?

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