Nothing like a nice, crumbly slice of lo-fi to start your week. Pop in the imaginary cassette, click, and there you are in some suburban garage, ruining amps.

Sticking with the simplest of pop structures, “Hey Cool Kid” gets it right where it counts: the chorus. Wedged between three cymbal smashing, speaker blowing verses, two choruses pry the song open to reveal a delicate interior: percussion lays low; the spotlight hits a lone guitar fill and a smolderingly sarcastic, subtly harmonized refrain –

Oh you’re such a cool kid.

In essence, what we have here is an underproduced old-school Strokes single, somewhat lighter on the bravado.

That’s it. Enjoy.

Cloud Nothings hails from Cleveland, and “Hey Cool Kid” from their debut, Turning On, was released in June. Listen to it on hypemachine.

Cloud Nothings is touring Europe now, in case you were wondering.

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