The city was captivated yesterday by a guy who calls himself “Skyscraperman” as he used suction cups to climb Millennium Tower to draw attention to the vulnerability of skyscrapers to terrorist attacks and to raise awareness about cancer. And also something about fire safety. Oh, and something about shilling a book. Updated: And he’s facing charges, says the SFPD.

Appeal commenter kl2real says he was the person who discovered “Skyscraperman” scaling his building, and calls out Millennium Tower management for not keeping residents safer:

I live in the building, and am the person who first discovered him from the 3rd floor terrace and reported the situation to building security. Building management is wrong in saying this isn’t a breach of security. The building is surrounded by surveillance cameras, valets, door staff, concierge, and security. Despite all that, he scaled a glass wall from the sidewalk to a 3rd floor terrace common area. (MP: That’s access to the building.) From there, he accessed the corner where he made his climb, literally right over my bedroom window.

When I first noticed him, he was at about the 5th or 6th floor, already beyond reach.

I’m glad it turned out okay, but his point is well made that there is a lack of security in these buildings. In the post-9/11 era, these sorts of things shouldn’t be happening, especially not the week before the anniversary of 9/11.

Having been to the Tower myself, I can back up kl2real’s assertions that its a high-security joint — in fact, that’s one of the selling points of the place, and probably how they attract high-profile residents like Joe Montana (and kl2real, of course!).

Calls to Millennium Tower to ask them how, given kl2real’s account, Skyscraperman made it as far as he did have not been returned at publication time, but rest assured, we shall update if we hear back. Until then, please do feel free to speculate in the comments!

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