Chocolate Transfer Sheet Cutouts are a fun way to add a professional (and edible!) finish to your goodies. A chocolate transfer sheet is a piece of clear acetate printed with colored, edible cocoa butter designs. Melted chocolate is poured over the cocoa butter design and spread out into a thin layer. When the chocolate is semi-set, shapes can be cut out with a knife or cookie cutter. The acetate is peeled away and the design is now adhered to the chocolate cut-out. Cool!

Chocolate Transfer Cutouts can be used to decorate all kinds of goodies. I placed my flower cutouts in the frosting on top of a bunch of mini Red Velvet Cupcakes for a pretty display.

Once you get the hang of it you can make all kinds of fun edible chocolate decorations to complete your desserts!

Look here to find tons of styles and colors of chocolate transfer sheets to fit any occasion.

If you are just beginning to experiment with chocolate transfers its easiest to use chocolate candy melts as they do not need to be tempered like regular chocolate. This is a terrific video showing how to use chocolate transfer sheets.


Here is how to make the chocolate flower cutouts I used on my mini Red Velvet Cupcakes in the pictures.

What you will need:
– Chocolate Transfer Sheet
– Chocolate Candy Melts melted or Tempered melted chocolate
– metal off-set spatula for spreading chocolate
– knife or cookie cutter to cut out shapes
– parchment paper

Start by laying the transfer sheet, transfer side up, on top of a larger piece of parchment paper to catch any chocolate over-flow. Pour the melted chocolate over the transfer sheet and quickly spread into a thin layer with the off-set spatula, covering as much of the transfer sheet as possible.

Let the chocolate set until firm but not entirely hard. Use the knife or cookie cutter to cut out shapes. Press firmly down through the chocolate to the acetate below.

My chocolate cut-outs (I did a small flower shape) came right out into my cookie cutter. I just pushed the chocolate shape out of the cutter and kept cutting.

When finished cutting the shapes, break the chocolate apart around the rest of the cutouts and gently but quickly pull the shapes from the acetate and place on a plate or some parchment paper.

I placed my cutouts into the fridge to chill a bit before handling. Try to handle the chocolate cutouts as little as possible or they will start to melt and smear! The chocolate cutouts will last for a long time in a zip-lock baggie kept in the fridge.

By the way: Keep the leftover pieces from between the cutouts! They make terrific “modern art” toppers for all kinds of dessert! I used mine to top the whipped cream and pudding in my previous post “Chocolate Dessert Bowl“….

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