policeblotter_sfa.jpgFriday, September 3rd

7:45 PM: A man who allegedly attempted to rob a woman on September 1st was spotted by the victim’s sister on the 200 block of Ralph Street. The sister chased the suspect and he climbed up on a rooftop. Officers responded and the suspect is in custody.

8:20 PM: A man was shot on the first block of Brookdale Ave. at the Sunnydale Housing Projects. Police responded to call from someone reporting gun shots and a shooting victim. The police found the victim outside and transported him to the hospital where he later died. No motives have been determined.

8:30 PM: A man walking at 3rd and Newcomb Street was reportedly robbed by two men who approached him from behind. One man brandished a handgun and told the victim I’m talking all your stuff, Don’t talk”. He then reached into the victim’s pockets and took his things. The suspects fled on foot and no arrests have been made.

8:45 PM: Two neighbors, a man and a woman, on the 3100 block of 16th Street were reportedly drunk when they got into a verbal argument. The man allegedly hit the woman over the head twice with a pipe, causing a laceration above her forehead. Officers responded and the man is in custody. The woman was brought to the hospital and treated.

9:40 PM: A man walking at 650 Church St. was allegedly robbed by five men. One man pulled out a knife and demanded he empty his pockets. He was punched in the face a few times but was not injured. No arrests.

Saturday, September 4th

2:32 AM: Two men were trying to talk to some girls on the corner of Franklin and Fell. One man got mad at the other and punched him a couple times. The man felt a hard object hitting him in the head. Officers responded and arrested the suspect. A taser gun was found at the scene but it is unknown whether it was the hard object used to hit the victim. The victim was brought to the hospital for a non-life threatening injury.

1:17 PM:At 3rd and McKinnon a man was allegedly shot in the leg after getting into an argument with another vehicle. The shots came one of two suspects in either a blue Hyundai Sonata or a black Jeep Cherokee. The victim was dropped off at the hospital. No arrests.

6:00 PM:A woman was reportedly robbed while standing on the 600 block of Eddy St. One man held a knife to her stomach whole the other pulled her money and cell phone from her pockets. The suspects fled towards Larkin and Turk. No arrests or injuries.

10:23 PM: A young man reportedly lost control of his Honda Civic on John Muir Drive to Lake Merced Blvd. The car crossed into the southbound lane of Lake Merced and collided with a car carrying a man, woman and child. The driver and his passenger were pronounced dead at the scene. The victims were transported to the hospital with life threatening injuries.

11:58 PM:
Two young women who rented a room at a hotel at 2200 Van Ness were not satisfied with the service and requested a refund. When management refused one woman allegedly grabbed the tip jar and they fled. The male employee chased the women and recovered the tip jar after a brief physical fight. The women are still at large.

Sunday, September 5th

1:15 AM: A bouncer at a bar on the 1000 block of Valencia reportedly confronted a group of 7-8 men causing commotion inside the bar. During the conversation, one of the men hit him on the side of the face with a glass bottle. All of the men then punched and kicked the bouncer. He was brought to the hospital for non-life threatening injuries. No arrests have been made.

1:47 AM: Two women walking at 23rd and Wisconsin were allegedly approached from behind by two men. The men struck them in the face, knocking them down and taking one woman’s purse. No arrests.

2:20 AM: A woman was reportedly robbed by three men while walking home on Webster and Sutter St. She complied when one of the men demanded her wallet and cell phone. The two others patted her down and then fled on foot heading south towards Webster. No arrests.

2:55 AM: A man was reportedly knocked to the ground by two young men as he approached his house on the 2300 of Post St. One man held the victim down while the other pointed an object at him that the victim thinks was a gun. They demand his property and he complies. The suspects flee with one other man who was acting as a lookout. No arrests.

3:00 AM: A man allegedly broke into a house at 1115 Pierce St by entering through the back door. He pistol whipped a man standing near the back door and then demanded a chain necklace from another man at the house. The victim complied and the suspect fled. No arrests.

3:52 AM: A woman walking on the 1900 block of Greenwich reportedly saw a man standing under a stairwell near the sidewalk. She dropped her purse in surprise and her cell phone fell out. She ran into the street as the man grabbed her cell phone and fled on foot. No arrests.

12:43 PM: Police were responding to a report of shots fired at Eddy and Divisadero when dispatch reported they are receiving a call from a woman in a parking lot on the 1800 block of Eddy St. who was shot in the leg. The unit responds and finds the victim. They receive a description of a man fleeing the scene through the projects but could not find him. The victim refused to tell the unit what happened and no witnesses came forward.

6:55 PM: A woman was walking on Mission St. near Allison Ave when a man reportedly tried to grab her purse. It was strapped around her neck so a struggle ensued. The man pushed her onto the sidewalk and pulled off the purse. No arrests.

10:27 PM: A man and a woman were walking their dog on the 1000 block of Gilman Avenue when six male teenagers approached and pushed them from behind. One of the teens brandished a handgun and told them to empty their pockets. Another one of the teens punched the man in the face, went through their pockets and took their wallets, cash and cellphone. The suspects fled by foot. No arrests have been made.

Monday, September 6th

12:11 AM: A medic driving by the 3400 block of 18th St. saw two unoccupied vehicles on fire. A witness said that she saw three men running away from the cars but didn’t see them set the fire. No arrests.

9:00 PM: A man reportedly stole a cellphone out of a woman’s hands as she rode Muni at Market and Grove. The suspect got off Muni and fled on foot. No arrests.

9:20 PM: A woman was walking home on the 3400 block of 22nd Street when two young men approached her and took her cell phone and purse. The fled on foot. No arrests.

9:45 PM: A man is approached by two men as he exits his car at his house on the 1600 block of Hayes. One man reportedly brandishes a handgun and demands money. The victim turns over his cash and the suspects run to a black 2-door Volkswagen from the early 90s. No arrests.

11:15 PM: A man walks into a business on the 800 block of La Playa and another man reportedly rips a bandanna off his head. The victim gets in his car to flee and the suspect punches out the back window as he drives away. No arrests.

11:50 PM: A man has his bike stolen from him on the first block of Brosnan. Three teenagers, one female and two males, approached him and pushed him off his bike. They punch him in the face, the girl mounts the bike, and they all flee the scene. No arrests.

Tuesday, September 7th

12:35 AM: Two teenage boys reportedly robbed a man at 21st and South Van Ness. They fled to a car where two other boys were waiting for them. They were later arrested.

3:10 AM: Two men allegedly robbed another man at 16th and Albion. They pulled him to the ground, punched him, took his things and fled on foot. No arrests.

6:20 PM: A teenage boy walking on Revere Avenue at Ingalls Street was approached by seven male teenagers. One teen demanded his iPod. When he refused he was thrown to the ground and kicked and punched by all seven boys. They stole his belongs and fled. No arrests have been made.

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