Friday, 9/17/10

12:18 PM: A man and woman were asleep in separate rooms at the 200 block of Howth, when three male suspects allegedly entered their home, threatened them with the possibility of a knife, and burglarized them. The man was reportedly forced to stay lying face-down on his bed, while the woman had a blanket pulled over her face. No arrests have been made.

5:40 PM: A female was traveling on the Muni at Winston and Holloway when a male suspect allegedly grabbed her phone out of her hand. The woman reportedly chased the suspect off Muni, tried to pick her phone up when the suspect dropped it on the ground, but was shoved away by a second, male suspect. The suspects fled on foot but were later arrested.

Saturday, 9/18/10

1:00 AM: Three men were reportedly kicked out of a club, located at the 700 block of Harrison, following a verbal argument. While the victim attempted to catch a cab, the two suspects allegedly approached him. One punched him in his face and pushed him down, while the other pushed him in the middle of the street and punched him several more times. The suspects fled on foot, but were later arrested. The victim was taken to the hospital with treatable injuries.

1:15 AM: In a car accident that SFPD is describing as a DUI, one car rear ended another on eastbound Fulton. Two women were seriously injured in the
accident, and have been hospitalized. The driver, a 52-year-old man, was booked for driving while intoxicated.

3:05 AM: A female was standing outside her apartment on Turk St., when an unknown suspect allegedly punched her in the face, stole her purse when she fell to the ground, then fled on foot.The victim was taken to the hospital with injuries. No arrests made.

6:30 AM: During an altercation resulting from a previous argument over a woman, a teenage male allegedly shot at two other males and a female, at the 600 block of Vistacion Ave. The teenager reportedly left the shotgun by the side of his house, called the police, and pretended he was the victim. According to statements from everyone involved, the shotgun was found and the teenager was arrested.

2:43 PM: A male suspect walked into the Safeway at the 2000 block of Market St. and reportedly attempted to steal 4 bottles of liquor. After a physical confrontation with the supermarket’s security guards, the suspect was arrested.

8:40 PM: A female was walking down Scott and Grove when a male suspect allegedly punched her in the face and attempted to grab her purse, while the victim fought back. The suspect continued to punch the victim and was able to grab her purse. According to witnesses, he fled in a white vehicle. The victim refused medical assistance and no arrests were made.

10:18 PM: Two males were reportedly approached while walking down Waller and Potomac by two other males, armed with a handgun. The victims were instructed to give up everything they had, demands to which they complied. One of the suspects also went through the victims’ pockets, then they both fled on foot. No arrests made.

10:40 PM: A 68-year-old man was getting into his car on Taylor St., when two male suspects in their early 20’s reportedly restrained him and stole his wallet. The suspects fled on foot. No arrests made.

10:48 PM: Three females were walking down Tiffany Ave. and 29th, when they were reportedly approached by two armed, male suspects, demanding their property. The victims complied and the suspects fled on foot. No arrests made.

Sunday, 9/19/10

2:30 AM: Two males were walking up the stairs to their front door on the 700 block of Treat Ave. when another male allegedly approached them with a revolver and demanded money. The suspect then fled on foot.

3:25 AM: Several rounds were fired by a male suspect at a male victim, who was standing outside a taqueria on the 1000 block of Treat St. with two friends. The friends attempted to chase the suspect, who fled in a green vehicle, according to witnesses. The victim sustained three gunshot wounds, and was taken to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries. No arrests made.

7:00 AM: Dispatchers received a call from a female, saying that she been shot on West Point Rd. Suspects are reportedly two males in the early 20s. The woman was taken to the hospital with treatable injuries. No arrests made.

3:35 PM: A man was approached on Hyde St. by a male suspect, who according to police reports, threatened the victim with a handgun and told the victim to empty his pockets or he would shoot. The victim gave the suspect his cell phone, and the suspect fled. No arrests made.

Time Unknown: A man was standing outside his home in the Mission, when three male suspects reportedly approached him, and punched him in the face and head. One of the suspects allegedly grabbed his cell phone, then all three fled in a white vehicle, headed eastbound on Hoff St. The victim was taken to the hospital with treatable injuries. No arrests made.

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