“Better With You,”
8:30 P.M.

What Is It?: A sitcom about three couples at different stages in their romantic lives: a sister about to get married, a sister in a long-term relationship who doesn’t want to get married, and their parents.

Why To Watch: You’re too lazy to turn the channel between “The Middle” and “Modern Family.”

Why To Turn the Channel: It’s one of those “traditional” sitcoms, which means a really intrusive laugh track and really obvious jokes. Which can be fine if those jokes are funny. Doesn’t sound like this show’s are…

“The Whole Truth,” 10 P.M.

What Is It?: A legal drama that looks at both sides of its cases, through the eyes of bickering yet friendly rival attorneys: A female prosecutor and a male defense attorney.

Why To Watch: Maura Tierney is the prosecutor, and you’ve loved her since “NewsRadio.” Also, she had to drop out of “Parenthood” because of her recent cancer battle, and you want her to have a hit show. And maybe Rob Morrow won’t be annoying this time.

Why To Turn the Channel: There are many, many other legal dramas to choose from, including “Law & Order: Los Angeles,” which premieres next week at the same time.


“The Defenders,” 10 P.M.

What Is It?: A legal drama about two Las Vegas lawyers.

Why To Watch: It stars Jim Belushi, and you’ve been suicidally depressed since the cancellation of “According to Jim.”

Why To Turn the Channel: It’s a legal drama starring Jim Belushi.


“Undercovers,” 8 P.M.

What Is It?: A spy drama about a pair of married, former agents who go back on the job after their espionage-free catering company starts to falter.

Why To Watch: It’s from creator J.J. Abrams, he of “Lost” and “Alias” fame, and it’s one of the only dramatic shows on TV to feature black leads.

Why To Turn the Channel: If the stories are routine, and the two leads are boring, it’ll take a whole lot of ‘splosions to keep the show interesting.

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