Today in same sex marriage news: reports that City Hall will stay open and marry people all weekend, if they can, more on anti-gay groups bitching about Judge Walker’s orientation, and the Chron keeps on publishing articles submitted by bigoted groups (can’t they just make them buy ads? That’s what I’d do! Well, probably not, actually.). Let’s take a look at the Prop 8 news that made it into our RSS reader since yesterday, shall we?

ABC7: Judge to review same-sex marriage stay
“‘We’re absolutely ready. We can’t wait for Judge Walker to lift his stay. We’re working with the County Clerk’s office. If they stay is lifted we are prepared to stay open until 8 tonight and stay open Saturday and Sunday from 9-to-5,’ said SF City Assessor-Recorder Phil Teng (sic).”

Chron: Long road ahead for Prop. 8 court case
Chances are the whole Prop 8 thing is going to be a big topic of discussion this weekend, and this article is a really accessible overview of what’s going to happen next. So if you feel like you’re fuzzy on any of the facts, read this before you start running your mouth off, dummy.

Chron: Gay marriage revealed the worth of my own
The Chron’s “Open Forum,” as we noted yesterday, is a community-submitted op-ed feature that’s chosen, edited, and published by the Chronicle’s editorial board. In this case, author Jeremy Adam Smith says that after meeting a number of same-sex parents at his son’s playground, that “Watching the battle for same-sex marriage unfold in San Francisco taught me, after a lifetime of ambivalence, that marriage is indeed something precious, something worth defending.” Perhaps it was intended as a counterpoint to…

Chron: Americans will fight for right to vote for marriage
Remember what I just told you about “Open Forum”? Well, here’s another one — this one from Brian S. Brown, the executive director of the National Organization for Marriage, who says that “Something dear and important has been taken away from us” by Walker’s decision, and that “The American people are not going to sit idly by while judges lecture them as if they were bigots for the commonsense view that to make a marriage, you need a husband and wife, because children need a mom and a dad. “

This is the second Open Forum piece the paper has run from this anti-gay organization in as many days. Which we at the Appeal find quite confounding! Yesterday I noted (how irritating for one to quote oneself!) “How interesting to think that perhaps other bigots might see their words in the Chron. Attention, local Klan members: here’s your chance to get a piece in the paper!”, and I’m told that some Gate and Chron editors found that remark “unfair.” So I called them to get an explanation on why NOM is getting so much play in their pages, and have yet to receive a response. If and when I hear back, I’ll update. Until then, it looks like Gaggie Mallagher and Jip Chonston might be getting a new friend!

AP: Gay marriage before nation’s largest appeals court
The next decision in same sex marriage will be made by a computer-generated panel of three judges from the 9th Circuit court. It’s hard to predict how they’ll decide on the case, or on the current hold on marriages (should it be lifted by Judge Walker).

CBS5: Judge’s Personal Life Debated After Prop 8 Ruling
Judge Walker is, by all accounts, gay, which means a lot of folks that are disappointed by his ruling are calling him a gay activist. “But the debate raises the question: Why is sexuality different from other personal characteristics judges posses? Can a female judge rule on abortion issues? A black judge on civil rights?”

Petrelis: Did the AP Out Prop 8 Judge as Gay?
“In ancient gay times…I had to engage in hard pressure with the gay and mainstream press to report on the closeted sexual orientation of the targeted politician. Now, I have phone conversation with reporters who’ve been assigned to cover the speculation of an important judge, and needless to say, I like this kind of change.”

Ex: Eager couples await Prop. 8 decision
It is nice to see the Examiner staff covering LGBT issues again! (I meant to say that yesterday, but forgot.) This is more talk on the many “if”s around the stay — as in, if Walker lists the stay, how much time will gay people have to get married, if the 9th Circuit Court puts it back in place, as they’re expected to do? “”We’re waiting for word. We certainly won’t issue marriage licenses before it’s legal,” said Tony Winnicker.

BC: After Marriage Ruling, Uncertainty Lingers
Basically the Ex story but with more law prof quotes, which, depending on your feelings about law school teachers, is either wonderful or irritating.

Public Press: Gay-marriage attorney maps out strategy to defeat ‘state-sponsored discrimination’
David Boies, one of the attorneys who argued against Prop 8, spoke at the Commonwealth Club Thursday night.

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