prop8_overturned1.jpgYesterday’s federal judge overturned California’s statewide initiative banning same-sex marriage was probably San Francisco’s biggest story — our coverage of the decision was pretty much the only thing anyone seemed to read on the Appeal yesterday, and the covers of the print Examiner and Chronicle were dominated by the story.

We’ve rounded up all the local coverage of the decision and reaction that hit our RSS feeds since yesterday afternoon for your reading pleasure, let us know if we missed something and we’ll add it.

Slate: A Brilliant Ruling
“It’s hard to read Judge Walker’s opinion without sensing that what really won out today was science, methodology, and hard work.” The other day, someone told me that a site we shall not name wants its readers to be able to “win at dinner.” If you are the kind of person who views dinner table conversation as a competitive sport, quoting this analysis of how Judge Walker structured his ruling might help you get there.

TechCrunch: Judge Strikes Down CA’s Prop 8, Leaked Ruling Sends Scribd Traffic Skyrocketing
Putting to rest the argument used by many mainstream news folks that “people don’t want to read documents,” “a typical viral document gets 100,000 reads in 24 hours, (Walker’s decision) has over 100,000 reads in about 24 minutes.”

Civic Center: Proposition 8 Unconstitutional
Mike applies his wry photo-essay style to the folks gathered outside the courthouse in anticipation of the decision.

The Toasted Blog: Prop 8, Overturned.
I’ve been told that Whole Wheat Toast is still in high school, which makes me reflect on my wasted adolescence. He’s got a nice photo essay from the Castro rally and march to City Hall, and asks “wouldn’t life be better if there weren’t people that hated gays?”

SFist: Photos: Gay Marriage Ban Overturned, San Francisco
“Some scenes from outside the San Francisco Federal Courthouse shortly after Walker’s decision was announced.”

Spectre Collie: Cockroaches v. Bright Light (2010)
“This outrageous demonstration of the separation of powers has sent shockwaves throughout the nation, raising deeper questions about the fundamentals of American government, such as: ‘Have any of you people ever read a high school Civics textbook?'” If you’re a Prop 8 opponent too lazy to come up with your own argument about why the will of the voters can be overridden, just steal Chuck’s.

Petrelis Files: Hand-Holding Plaintiffs at Prop 8 Presser
Lots of photos from the plantiffs’ post-verdict press conference at the Bentley Reserve.

AP: Mormon church “regrets” Calif. gay marriage ruling
We linked to this story yesterday, but it’s been updated. Guess what? Mormons still don’t think gay folks should get married.

AP: Brown, Whitman split over decision on gay marriage
Battle of the candidates for Governor! Jerry Brown applauds the decision to strike down the proposition, “A Presbyterian, Whitman has explained her vote for Proposition 8 as one of ‘faith and conscience'” saying “I believe marriage should be between a man and a woman.”

AP: Schwarzenegger calls gay marriage ruling a victory
It’s a weird world when the Terminator is the liberal guy when compared to the person who aspires to be his successor. You know?

AP: Fiorina splits with Boxer on gay marriage ruling
Republican U.S. Senate candidate (and former printer huckster) Carly Fiorina “says she disagrees with a federal judge’s decision overturning California’s gay-marriage ban” as her opponent, Barbara Boxer, calls it an historic step forward for equal rights.

Chron: Cheering, cautious optimism over Prop. 8 ruling
Hee! They went to Twin Peaks (the bar) to get a quote, but “there was little reaction to Proposition 8. Instead, the cheers emanating inside were over a baseball game as the Giants played the Rockies.”

SF Weekly: Prop. 8 Ruling: Judge Vaughn Walker’s Most Scathing Language
Sort of a greatest hits collection of passages from the decision.

SF Weekly: Prop. 8 Ruling: Literature and Strategy
An aggregation of a lot of the analysis of the ruling, written in a not too wonky way.

Mission Local: Prop. 8 Has Been Overturned
The J-school kids take a break from the rat beat (just kidding! Love the rat stories!) to pull together a handy FAQ on the ruling.

Bay Citizen: The Legal Road Ahead for Prop. 8 Case
Lots of law professors offering analysis: Some think that the temporary stay on same sex marriage (that is, the decision not to allow weddings immediately) will not be made permanent, others say other stuff. If you like quotes from people who leach at law schools, you’ll love this article.

Ex: Law dean predicts what’s next for same-sex marriage
Was there anyone employed by any law school who did not provide a quote yesterday?

Ex: Couples are optimistic, but acknowledge fight is not over
The headline pretty much nails it.

Ex: Hope, disappointment sweep across The City
Right after the decision was announced, “Mayor Gavin Newsom huddled in his office with seven lawyers, trying to determine whether The City could move ahead and marry the couples.” This is a nice take on how folks tried to make it in under the stay wire.

Ex: Hugs, tears in peaceful demonstration
A little human interest perspective from the Castro rally and march.

ABC7: Legal analyst on what the Prop 8 ruling means
Video from legal analyst Dean Johnson on what’s next.

CBS 5: Poll: Californians Still Divided On Prop. 8
In a poll of 500 people, 64% of them supported marriage for same sex couples.

Chron: Reaction to Wednesday’s Prop. 8 ruling
Sound bites from an activist, city officials, and a couple regular folks.

Chron: Equality wins in Vaughn Walker’s Prop. 8 ruling
The Chronicle’s editorial board applauds the decision, saying “Judge Walker has forcefully, and convincingly, laid out the case to end this entrenched and unwarranted state discrimination against gay and lesbian couples.”

Chron: Prop. 8 ruling based on ‘overwhelming evidence’
A recap of the trial and legal analysis of the decision.

Chron: Public reaction to Prop. 8 ruling
How many public reaction pieces is this from the Chron, now, like 12?

Chron: Prop. 8 debate is not over yet
CW Nevius breaks it to you that yesterday’s decision isn’t the final word on same sex marriage.

Chron: Judge has spoken – whether you like it or not
Some call Debra Saunders the papers token conservative columnist, which is perhaps why reading her remark that “voters have reason to be afraid lest legalizing same-sex marriage result in unintended consequences – such as the legalization of polygamy” won’t be that much of a surprise.

Chron: Prop. 8: Judge Walker’s bias will be overruled
The Chronicle’s “Open Forum” is basically a vetted-by-editorial-board opinion piece submitted by someone from outside the newspaper (for example, a recent Open Forum piece by the CEO of the California Retailers Association called for an internet sales tax), so while one cannot apply the sentiments expressed in this bigoted submission from Maggie Gallagher of the National Organization for Marriage, one could hold the paper responsible for agreeing to publish them, after all, the ed board even pimps the piece in its blog. How interesting to think that perhaps other bigots might see their words in the Chron. Attention, local Klan members: here’s your chance to get a piece in the paper!

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