As Tim Ehhalt reported from City Hall today, at times the ratio of “media people” to “marriage people” approached 2-1, in favor of media. A lot of those media people’s stories made their way into my RSS feed, so I thought it would be fun to round them up here for you. SPOILER ALERT: At publication time, the Chronicle hasn’t published any bigoted op-eds. YET.

At City Hall for Prop 8 Ruling (Stop8’s Matt Baume, YouTube
You can watch this video of the celebration and subsequent disappointment as the decision was announced above.

City of SF Explains How New Ruling Affects Marriage for Gays (Stop8’s Matt Baume, YouTube)
“City Assessor Phil Ting and City Administrator Edwin Lee explain how today’s ruling in the Prop 8 case (Perry v Schwarzenegger) affects the city’s ability to marry gay couples.”

SF Ready for Gays to Marry, says Assessor Phil Ting (Stop8’s Matt Baume, YouTube)
“As a crowd anxiously awaits Judge Walker’s ruling on lifting his stay, Assessor Phil Ting explains how eager the city is to begin marriages.”

Same-Sex Couples Waiting to Get Married at City Hall Told to Wait One More Week (Mission Local)
At first, it was not completely clear to my old eyes like this is a photo gallery from City Hall, but it is!

Judge lifts stay, but same-sex marriages still on hold (Chron)
The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals “has less than a week to decide whether to block the enforcement of a federal judge’s historic toppling of Proposition 8.” Notes how Walker questions the anti-gay groups ability to move forward on an appeal, given that “the state has not defended Prop. 8.” (I suspect as the Chron’s staff revises this story, it could change, but that’s basically what it’s saying at publication time)

Same-sex couples lining up at City Hall (Chron)
A nice little couples in the hall story published before their hopes were, if not crushed, kind of smooshed. The first couple in line, Ron and Roger, “plan to celebrate their honeymoon by taking a motorcycle trip to the Sierra Nevada.” Adorable!

Judge Refuses to Halt Gay Weddings – But Don’t Celebrate Yet (SF Weekly)
Liveblog of this morning.

Prop. 8 Overturned: Ecstasy and Agony at City Hall (SF Weekly)
Disappointed couples coverage. “Even an hour after Walker’s confusing ruling, couples that had earlier been rapturously embracing one another were wandering, dazed, through City Hall. Something they had wanted for so long had been given to them — and then, inexplicably, yanked away.”

Prop. 8 Supporters Gather at City Hall (Bay Citizen)
The below-embedded interview with Don Grundman, who’s protesting same sex marriage. Reporter Kate McLean handles Grundman deftly, check it out:

A Couple Waits to Get Married (Bay Citizen)
The below-embedded interview:

Judge Keeps Calif. Gay Marriages On Hold (CBS5)
“A separate group that had gathered on the steps outside cheered as they received unofficial word about 12:20 p.m. that Walker had decided against a long-term stay. One man carrying a rainbow flag crouched down and began to cry.” Oh man!

Judge says same-sex marriages can resume on Aug. 18 (Public Press)
“Within minutes of the announcement, city officials started handing out paperwork to prospective spouses.”

Prop 8 Stay on Gay Marriages Lifted…with a Hitch (SF Peninsula Reaction)
Ruth Robertson, a member of the Raging Grannies said, “I choose to fight for others who want to be able to marry because I value my own marriage. I’m happy that prop 8 was overturned and the stay was lifted, even with this one glitch. We are hopeful that it will be permanently lifted and the marriages of many waiting couples in California will be able to resume.”

Busted Anticipation (meowmix)
Appeal commenter Brad expands on his remarks from this morning, saying “It’s a real dilemma for me. Should we try and grab the chance while we have it, even though thousands of other same sex people might not make the window? That would leave us in possession of a right that few same sex couple in California have.” You should really go read it, it’s quite thoughtful and provocative.

Judge keeps gay marriages in Calif. on hold (AP via ABC7)
Should they happen, the August 18th “weddings would appear to be legal even if the ban is later reinstated.”

Vaughn Walker’s Choice to Delay Gay Marriage Praised by Legal Scholars (SF Weekly)
“according to several legal scholars who spoke with SF Weekly, this was a sound — and shrewd — move on Walker’s part.”

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