Midnite for Maniacs – The Castro (Saturday)
Saturday starts off with Stallone’s Nighthawks, then Van Damme-hotness in Bloodsport, then a brand new print of Big Trouble in Little China (!!), then another Jon Carpenter They Live, then the midnight movie is SECRET! (no, not Top Secret – shame.)

Dinner for SchmucksEverywhere
Bruce Greenwood, “All Beard”, Steve Carrell and Jude Law (Jude Law? Why did I write Jude Law? It’s that guy, what’s his name, Paul Rudd) act straight/kooky. With a stellar cast like that, you are sure to be let down, ’cause that always happens, right?

Stop Making Sense – The Red Vic (Fri & Sat)
The best concert movie, and one of my all-time favorites (who needs the gym when you can dance in front of your TV/in the aisles) has Jonathan Demme directing a performance of the Talking Heads. Seriously- the scenes were screenboarded before filmed.

Dark HouseOpera Plaza
Scary movie about haunted house attractions and murder and malfunction.

This didn’t sound interesting to me because you’ve seen it once, you’ve seen it all, so I wasn’t going to mention it – but Fred Ward is in it! (As Ronald Reagan! — EB) This French film is about KGB stuff during the Cold War, and an attempt to flee from government evilness.

The Secret in their EyesBalboa
This Spanish film won an Oscar for best Foreign Language Film – it’s about a criminal court investigator who tries to uncover the murderer of a rape-case.

The Cremaster Cycle plus De Lama Lamina
Matthew Barney’s holier-than-though art movies that will never be out on DVD so you better spend money on seeing it in a theater. Hurry, Matthew needs more $ for his new exhibit that probably has to do with milk blood – or something.

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