policeblotter_sfa.jpgFriday, 7/23/10

8:15 am: Armed robbery in the Mission. Two UPS employees were reportedly pushing deliveries on a cart when an armed man demanded the boxes and fled.

9:10 pm: In the Bayview, a male victim was reportedly approached by 2 suspects who asked for money. The victim was then stabbed 3 times in the back by the suspect and transported to the hospital for non-life threatening injuries. No arrest made.

10:00 pm: 2 suspects allegedly broke into a vehicle in the Ingleside. The owner confronted the suspects and scared them off. One of the suspects then ran six houses down and taps on another vehicle’s driver side window and smashes it with a handgun. One suspect fled with vehicle, and the other suspect fled on foot. No arrests, No injuries.

Saturday, 7/24/10

1:15 am: 24 year old male was allegedly shot multiple times while driving and then crashed into three parked vehicles. Victim was pronounced dead at hospital. No arrests.

1:23 am: 2 suspects allegedly approached 4 men and started punching them. When officers arrived, one suspect was gone and the other was lying on the ground.

3:20 am: 17 year old victim said he was at home when he got shot in the Mission. He said he does not remember anything else.

3:30 am: 2 suspects allegedly wrapped a chain around an ATM and popped it open. Unknown loss and no arrests.

5:25 am: A male victim in the Bayview was waiting at the bus stop when he was approached by two suspects. One suspect reportedly pointed a gun and the victim’s chest, and the other pointed a gun to his back. They told the victim not to move and removed a phone and wallet from the victim’s pockets and then drove away. No arrests were made.

5:33 am: Police unit observed carjacking, and a pursuit ensued ending in the 700 block of Arkansas. Two suspects reportedly fired shots at officer who returned fire. One suspect and gun are in custody and other suspect is still outstanding. No injuries reported.

6:40 am: Victim was walking in the Richmond when she was approached by 2 suspects brandishing a handgun and demanding victim’s money. The victim complied. Suspects fled on foot, and no arrests were made.

7:00pm: In the Bayview, 2 men were reportedly seen arguing for about 20 minutes. One of the men gets in his car and drives down the street, turns around, drives back, and runs into the other man. The victim is transported to the hospital and is treated for his life threatening injuries.

8:53pm: In the Bayview, a black pickup truck was reportedly doing donuts when the victim was ejected from the bed of the truck or passenger seat. The driver and the truck fled the scene. Victim was transported to the hospital for treatment if his life threatening injuries. No arrest.

Sunday, 7/25/10

1:12 am: In the Mission, a suspect reportedly hit a female victim over the head with a bottle after the victim bumped into the suspect. Victim suffered from lacerations to the head and was transported to the hospital for non-life threatening injuries. No arrest made.

3:00 am: In the Mission, two suspects allegedly drove up to three female victims and pointed a gun while the driver takes the victim’s purses. Both suspects drive off. No one injured and no arrests.

4:45 am: In the Mission, a victim reportedly walking home, saw suspect across the street standing in front of a vehicle. Suspect asked victim for the time. As victim was unlocking his front gate, suspect came up from behind, grabbed and turned victim around, pointed black semi-auto at victim. Suspect demanded, “Give me everything.” Victim complied. Suspect fled in vehicle. No injuries, no arrest.

5:18 am: In the Bayview, 2 victims were walking down the street when 2 men reportedly jumped out of the bushes and brandished handguns at them. The suspects were wearing masks and told the victims not to look at them. Suspects then took the victims’ property off of them and fled on foot. The suspects were later found in a vehicle, were positively identified by one of the victims, and arrested.

5:45 am: In SOMA, a suspect walking on Harrison in front of the victim turns pulled a gun, racks a round and runs at the victim demanding property. The suspect grabs the victim’s backpack from him and then goes through his pockets. The suspect fled the scene in an unknown direction. The victim sustained a bruise, no arrest.

6:40 am: In the Richmond, female victim was reportedly walking on Geary and saw suspect standing in a doorway “stretching.” As victim passed suspect, he grabbed victim and held what appeared to be a gun to her stomach. Victim began screaming as loud as she could, scaring suspect away. Suspect threw victim down to ground and fled S/B Parker. No loss, victim complained of pain to leg, medical refused. No arrest.

6:45 am: A victim walking on Castro was reportedly approached from behind by suspect. Suspect pointed a gun into right side of victim and said, “Where’s your wallet?” The suspect took the victim’s phone out of his hand, pat searched the victim and took a camera out of his pocket. No injury and no arrest.

7:00 am: Victim was reportedly walking and talking on the phone in Mission. The suspect walked up to victim and pushes a gun into the victim’s chest. Suspect takes phone out of victim’s hand and searches the victim’s pockets. The suspect started to walk away, returned to the victim and pointed the gun at him, and told the victim to run. The victim ran and looked back to see suspect walking south on Valencia. No injury, no arrest.

12:45 pm: A male suspect allegedly armed with a gun entered the gas station at Carrol and Quint, jumps the counter and forces the victim into the garage area. The other suspect enters the gas station and jumps the counter and tries to open the cash register. He is unable to get it open they force the victim to open it and they flee with cash. No injuries and no arrests.

2:02pm: Near Japantown, an older man allegedly approached the suspect and asked for some money. The suspect became enraged and subsequently stabbed the victim. The victim sustained non-life threatening injures and was transported to hospital. No arrests made.

4:00pm: In the Tenderloin, 3 men got into an argument. On of the suspects then reportedly stabbed one of the Victims; the suspects fled on foot. No Arrests made.

9:30pm: In the Richmond, a victim went upstairs after watching tv for half an hour and found someone had been in the house and his personal items were missing. Victim lives in a frat house and they always leave their front door unlocked.

10:15pm:By Fisherman’s Wharf, four suspects reportedly approached the victim and demanded her money. The suspects then hit the victim, knocking her to the ground. Suspects then took her property and fled the scene. Prior to fleeing, one of the suspects assaulted the victim again. The victim lost consciousness as a result of her injuries. The victim was transported to the hospital and treated for non-life threatening injuries. No arrests made.

10:24 pm: In the Ingleside 4 male suspects allegedly approached a female victim and one of the suspects took her iPod out of her hand. As the suspects were walking away, victim #2 chases after them. One of the suspects brandishes a handgun, which scares victim #2 off. The four suspects all flee on foot. No injuries, no arrest.

11:00 pm: On Treasure Island a female heard a noise downstairs and thought it was her neighbors. Half an hour later, victim went downstairs and found a window opened and off track.

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