bear_cub.jpgI see a lot of bears in SF, but no cubs. Where are all the cubs in San Francisco?

“The cub and bear scene(s) aren’t separate,” a friend of the Appeal and known Bear consorter tells us. But, he gave some helpful tips (and a serious new vocabulary) on where one might specifically find cubs:

Bearracuda. “It used to be at Deco Lounge until the fire marshal shut them down because whoops, max occupancy of like 20 and they sorta overlooked it. And with all the cublets and chublets and cupcakes it was like 2 for 1 when calculating things. it is apparently at DNA Lounge with an inflated cover. But yeah, everything from cubs to chasers and feeders at that event.”

Bench and Bar, in the East Bay, has bear/cub nights.

Starbucks “AKA Bearbucks” on 18th and Castro for a “non-liquor setting.”

Lone Star on weekends for all types of “furry creatures … cubs, otters, mongoose, etc. Also, some bears, obviously.”

The Stud has a chublet dance event called Big! “Sources say the next one is August 15. You can sometimes find stray cubs that are not into the feeding/gaining scene. This event has a lot of free food and nobody washes their hands and everyone gets shirtless at some point. Have a penicillin shot ready for when you get home.”

Any additions to the list? Let me know in the comments.

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