vote_lede_template.jpgLewd acts at the polls? …and you thought simply finding the time to vote on Election Day was difficult. In a recent CBS5 investigative report, Anna Werner uncovered some surprising information about the places at which one votes. Thanks to the handy-dandy Sex Offender Search app, San Francisco resident Linda Bozzo and her daughter were able to make the shocking discovery that their polling place was also home to a registered sex offender.

However outrageous such a discovery may seem, it’s not the only one. In total, six polling places in San Francisco were found to house such offenders. A partial search within five Bay Area counties found 19 more. To voice her outrage, Bozzo made an angry phone call to the Department of Elections. Through the conversation, what Bozzo found was that although she may be bothered, there’s really nothing illegal about having a sex offender play host to one of the most boring and drawn-out parties of the year.

According to forensic psychologist Dr. Paul Good, “most sex offenses occur within families or among acquaintances” so you may want to keep your distance when talking with the residents of a particular polling place. Unless you’d really like to take a walk on the wild side or believe that prison reform is alive and well, you also might want to cross check your polling place (look it up here) against the CA Dept of Justice registered sex offenders list before setting out to cast your vote.

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  • Alex Zepeda

    Nice! Just the kind of good, wholesome yellow journalism I’ve come to expect from… the Appeal? Ugh. I realize you guys didn’t break the story, or even bother doing much beyond a rough summary… and that’s probably about good enough for any high school journalism class, let alone a professional newspaper.

    So, let’s see. According to your meager ‘research’, most sex offenses occur within families. So, as a stranger, you should be extra careful? Of course. I guess fear mongering makes for a better read, right? ::rolls eyes::

    Or, how about detailing what actually constitutes a ‘sex offender’. It wouldn’t be any fun to point out that the drunk guy pissing in your bushes got cited for indecent exposure and now has to register as an offender. What’s the danger at the polling station? Someone’s going to piss on you?

    Or how about that teenager who fucked their underage partner and got charged with statutory rape and now has to register as a sex offender?

    Oh noes. Don’t vote!

    Or, if you don’t feel comfortable, drop your ballot off at city hall, file for an absentee ballot, or whatever. I’d yawn harder but I’m too busy exposing myself in public.

  • getagrip

    Hey, why don’t we just monitor all felons. After all we should protect not only the children from molesters but we should protect ourselves from car jackers, drunk drivers who kill, gang members, killers, kidnappers, wife beaters, bank robbers, violent people, blah, blah, blah.

    Let’s extend the witch-hunt to all violent, dangerous people. After all, we taxpayers have the right to live in safe neighborhoods. Why target only sex offenders, let’s make more laws to monitor, restrict residences, and to hold these bad, bad people beyond their prison sentences.

    Don’t you want to know who your neighbor is? Wouldn’t that make you feel safer to know if you have any really bad people around you and your family?

    Oh, but they won’t be in your neighborhoods. They will all be living under the bridges in your neighborhoods. Clustering together trying to survive – lie, cheat, steal, and rob not only you, but your businesses as well.

    Although I do see a flaw in the GPS system – you can cut it off!

    Maybe we should strive to not target only certain criminals, but treat them with equal justice. What a concept.

    Get a grip people

  • Erik

    I think they should all have to wear a scarlet “S” on the outside of their clothing.

  • Alex Zepeda

    Yes! How about on their chest. With a yellow background. Maybe with a diamond shape around it?

  • areallyniceguy

    “Take a walk on the wild side”? Are you saying that not being paranoid is equivalent to being carefree?

  • lipstick

    Its true convicted felons, cannot vote! It is my thought to have them vote absentee ballot, unless ofcourse there are also a convicted felon! Once they get into being a person that enjoys sex with children, rape, it is usually associated with violence, and sometimes murder! Yes, and the internet, and phonesex lines just make it worse! It is a dangerous disease!I also recommend the DMV to have a list of them! Please keep these people away from the public at large.