policeblotter_sfa.jpgFriday, 6/18/10

7:15 PM: Two armed reportedly men entered a store on the 300 block of Crescent Avenue and demanded money from the register, they fled after the clerk complied. No arrests.

8:30 PM: An officer witnessed a fight on 23rd and Mission involving two males, when one suspect got into a car and was driven away. The officer blocked the car, and the driver fled then took a cab to Ocean Ave where he was arrested. Both subjects are in custody, Fight victim suffered a non-life threatening stab wound.

9:44 PM: Two men allegedly tied a rope around another man’s neck and took his wallet at the intersection of Genebern and College Avenue. There were no serious injuries and no one was arrested.

9:47 PM: A man on the 1000 block of Golden Gate reportedly punched another man multiple times in the face, and then stole his wallet and keys. Two women were also on the scene, one allegedly threatening the other with an ice pick. No arrests.

Saturday, 6/19/10

3:51 AM: Officers responded to the report of a fight on 16th and Harrison when the suspects reportedly fired shots. An officer received a non-life threatening wound to his left foot, no one was arrested. More on this item here.

8:30 PM: A man reportedly knocked on a female’s door on Taylor Street, when she saw a handgun through the peephole she refused to open it. The man then allegedly climbed through an open window as she fled. No arrests, the victim later noticed her wallet and keys were missing.

Sunday, 6/20/10

12:33 AM: A woman was reportedly awoken inside her home on the 1700 block of 27th Avenue by one man grabbing her arm and another man holding a crow bar. A neighbor then came downstairs and the suspects fled. No loss, injuries, or arrests. More on this item here.

2:30 AM: A man and woman were driving at Northridge and Harbor when a suspect allegedly fired a shot at their car, shattering the rear window. No arrests or injuries.

2:34 AM: A man reportedly tried to run over another man with his car on the 300 block of Waller Street. After hitting a pole, the man got out and attacked the victim with a bat. An arrest was made, the victim suffered severe injuries. More on this item here.

3:30 AM: Two armed men reportedly robbed a women of her cell phone and cash on Turk Street. Both men were arrested, and the woman’s property was located.

Monday, 6/21/10

12:40 AM: A man was allegedly punched and robbed of his money and cell phone by another man while outside of his home on the 3100 block of 26th Street. No arrests have been made.

2:40 AM: A man and woman were reportedly walking home on the 100 block of Sanchez when they were approached by a group of three. An argument and fight broke out, and the man was stabbed by one of the suspects. No arrests were made, injury wasn’t life threatening.

4:12 AM: Two men were in an alleged argument on the 200 block on Leavenworth when one hit the other in the head with a bat. The victim was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries, and no one was arrested.

11:40 AM: An armed man reportedly entered a bank on the 100 block of California Street and ordered everyone to the ground. The man escaped with cash and there were no injuries or arrests. More on this item here.

5:50 PM: Officers investigated a tip they received about a garage selling illegal fireworks on Seneca. About 100-150 pounds of illegal fireworks were found.

8:00 PM: A man legally growing marijuana inside his home was reportedly robbed by two men at his residence on the 2100 block of 26th Avenue. The suspects allegedly punched the man and tied him up while taking off with $250 and an ounce of Marijuana. No arrests have been made.

11:31 PM: A man reportedly entered another man’s home on the 1300 block of Hampshire Street and hit him with a rolled up newspaper. The victim allegedly locked himself inside of his bedroom until the suspect made off with a bicycle. No arrests were made.

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