cmass.jpg>Greg Dewar points us to a map published on the SF Critical Mass site described as the “Suggested Route Map” for this evening’s monthly bike ride/civil action/thingamajig.*

As you can see from the illustration above, it starts, as always, at Justin Herman Plaza and runs along the Marina to end at Ocean Beach. The map says that they’re planning a bonfire at dusk and that riders are encouraged to bring “wood and beer,” the latter of which, as Greg notes, is forbidden. Greg asks if Critical Mass revelers will “get a pass ‘just because’ or what?

According to the Lt. Todd Roth, of the US Park Police (which is responsible for patrolling Ocean Beach), no, they won’t. Roth says that they had heard the rumors that CM riders would end up on his turf tonight, and says that as a result they are increasing patrols.

“All alcohol’s prohibited on the beach and we do enforce that” he told me sternly when I had the temerity to suggest that drinking at OB was tacitly accepted.

It’s not just booze that isn’t OK, but “any glass containers” he said. “The litter from containers like that can be really bad, and we take that seriously.”

Another ecological concern raised for Roth by the cycling group’s map is the announcement of a bonfire at dusk and call for wood to, presumably, burn.

“You can’t just burn any wood at Ocean Beach” he said “it has to be ‘clean’ wood” intended for burning, not scraps from your old IKEA table. “And fires have to be in the designated fire pits” which number in the teens and are “first come first served.”

*Is this map for real? We don’t know! Perhaps this is all a crazy trick and the riders will take a spin down 101 and end up at Target!

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  • Greg Dewar

    If Critical Mass really did go en masse to Target they’d get +100000 points for awesome because THAT would make the news and blow minds.

  • Jeremy_ofSF

    It was a beautiful ride. Hands down the best ride of the dozen or so that I’ve done over the years. It didn’t follow the exact suggested route–we skipped South Beach, which was a good idea because Critical Mass + Giants Game = too many pedestrians and bikes in the same place. The stretch from North Beach to Aquatic Park to Crissy Field to the Preisido to Ocean Beach was gorgeous with everyone getting to OB just in time for the sunset.

    The Park Patrol was out in force but were actually pretty cool. One of them walked around chatting people up and joined in a “No on Prop 16” discussion to bitch about PG&E’s Smart Meters. Overall, it was a lot more friendly and a lot less confrontational than other Mass’s I’ve been on. We got off Market Street quickly and generally avoided major Muni lines. Kudos to the crew and everyone else who’s been working to dilute the influence of the “Mass-hole” testosterone cases who have been dominating recent rides.

    The only conflict I saw was a motorcycle cop giving a guy on a bike a ticket for running a red light IN THE MIDDLE OF CRITICAL MASS! Outrageous.

  • raqcoon

    Mass was good.