Imagine, if you will, that you’re at a party. There’s a good number of people packed into the apartment, but not too many, and you’re all definitely a few drinks in. You find yourself in the vicinity of the iPod dock and the guy who just sauntered over to pick the next song trains a vaguely bleary eye on you and asks, “What should I play?”

You panic a little, internally. People aren’t quite full-on dancing, but you’ve noticed there’s been a little sway-age during the past couple of songs, mostly by bands you haven’t heard of. So how do you push the party into awesome mode without being the awkward asshole who made the decision to play “Shots” a moment too soon. Besides, you wouldn’t want to insult your hosts. They’re cultured.

Then, the idea dawns on you. “Hey, how about that new LCD Soundsystem single? ‘Drunk Girls,’ I think?” you say with perfect nonchalance.

“Ohmygod, that song is so excellent. And they had a lot to live up to, right? Sound of Silver was such a game-changer … ” iPod guy rambles on a bit, but you’re not really listening. You’re already too busy enjoying the newly-transformed aura of fun being shared by the other party-goers as they chant the group-friendly, repetitive hook “Drunk girls!” together. You know you’ve made the right choice. Somebody high fives you. You haven’t been high-fived in earnest since 1998. Life is good.

Listen to “Drunk Girls” on Pitchfork here.

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