As you might recall, the recently Chron announced that, in an effort “to provide a better reading experience for Sunday print subscribers and to differentiate it from our website,” certain items that appear in the print and e-edition Sunday Chronicle would not appear on their website until the following Tuesday.

Our print only stuff this week’s the 4 front page stories, and 6 columns, some of which are new to the print only world! We have the usual Native Son, Matier & Ross, Willie’s World, John Shea and staff writer/blogger Henry Schulman for a second week in a row. Gwen Knapp also makes a repeat appearance as a print-onlier after her Yamaguchi profile from Feb, and Bruce Jenkins makes his maiden voyage today.

What are these 10 “news” stories the Chronicle didn’t consider imperatively newsy enough to make available to SFGate readers for a few days? Let’s see:

America’s wild horse saga People are rounding up wild horses in places like Carson City Nevada. Some people like this, others don’t. Worth the $3? Why isn’t this in the Sunday magazine or something? God listen to how traditional I sound, all PUT NEWS ON THE FRONT PAGE, and get off my lawn. Anyways, waiting until Tuesday won’t hurt you or this story a bit.

Student protests vs. fiscal reality Lots of folks protested education cuts last week, lawmakers respond: the more “liberal” ones don’t support further education cuts, “fiscal conservatives were less moved.” The headline for the story after the jump is “Protests might not gain much,” so you see where this is going. Worth the $3? If you weren’t quite clear what those folks blocking the freeway were going on about (something I suspect is true for many of the folks who prefer print) this is a good way to catch up so, for that reason alone I’ll say “sure.”

Brown is free to stake out the middle ground Jerry Brown’s unopposed in the primary. Jerry Brown does not want to legalize weed, nor does he believe in sanctuary cities. This means he’s close to being as moderate as his Republican opponents. How will everyone differentiate themselves!? Worth the $3? OK, now I’m the ignorant one: I spend so much time following local news, my perceptions of the candidates has been shaped kind of haphazardly. I am looking forward to being able to participate in a conversation regarding the Governor’s race at the dog park today! Isn’t that one of the reasons people read the paper, so they don’t look ignorant? If you follow this stuff, it’s not worth your $3, but if you’re as out of it as me, yup.

Venture capitalist sets sights on SF mayor’s race Founder of VC firm VSP Capital, Joanna Rees, is trying to decide if she wants to run for mayor. Apparently she’s been trying to make this decision for almost a year. Also, she has a blog! Worth the $3? If she runs for mayor, go back and read this story then.

Native Son Piece of SF history left to rot What thing that Carl Nolte likes is going away this week? Bill Bailey lived in a cottage on Telegraph Hill. The owners of the house decided to tear it down to develop the land for condos, but since the cottage had historic merit, it was moved to the Islais Creek area where squatters have fucked it up. Worth the $3? Here’s an idea: let’s never change anything! That seems to be the thesis of this whole column, and why I’m saying “no.”

Matier & Ross Taser fight gives chief big dose of SF politics Chief Gascon was pissed that the Police Commission didn’t support his Taser proposal, which you might remember from last week. A David Binder poll says that with ranked choice voting, the winner of the mayor’s race is harder to predict, quoting Binder as saying “it’s wide open.” Jerry Brown can do 12 pullups! Worth the $3? The only news was the pullups thing, so naw.

Willie’s World If Newsom runs, his big worry is who gets his job Gavin seems worried about leaving the city “in the lurch” if he runs for Lt. Gov., asks Willie if he’s trying to weasel in as interim mayor. Willie proposes a special election for mayor if Gavin goes (can we afford that? I’m asking, not Willie). Willie liked the Bulgari party. Condi Rice had a lot of security at the Chinese New Year’s parade. Willie’s Oscar picks! Worth the $3? Only if you’re basing your Oscar pool ballot on Willie’s picks.

John Shea Rockies’ best team ever ready to ascend in West This is like a Matier and Ross of baseball, with lots of little gossipy bits that are very “inside baseball” (hahahaha). Worth the $3? Yeah, sure.

Henry Schulman Utilityman kept the faith A feature on a Giant, 35-year old Mark DeRosa. He’s good at everything! He’s old (35) but doesn’t look it! Worth the $3? Yup, even if you don’t care about baseball it’s interesting.

Gwen Knapp Friendly rivalry packs no punch The Cal vs Stanford women’s basketball rivalry is a respectful one. Worth the $3? Oh, man, I so do not care about college sports. But if you do, yeah.

Bruce Jenkins League needs its stars to stay spread out Similar model to Shea’s column, but NBA. Worth the $3? I still believe this print-only approach is way stupider than just erecting a paywall on the Gate, but I think the sports section is rocking it as well as they can. Like I said last week (do I sound all Willie Brown, all “Gavin’s taking my advice and running for Lt. Gov,” like he never would have thought of that without you, Willie?), I think there’s a great ratio of news, knowledge and analysis in the sports section picks for print only. It’s stuff that you don’t want to wait to read later in the week (wild horses or old junky cottage, I’m looking at you), but it’s not specifically breaking news you can get elsewhere. Props to them for making the best of what I believe is a not-great idea.

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