A recent conversation with a co-worker of mine went like this:

H: “So, I heard you write about Jukeboxes.”
K: “Yes”.
H: “So what’s your favorite jukebox?”
K: “There are so many to choose from. What are your favorites?”
H: “Pilsner Inn.”
K: “Oh, that’s the second time I’ve heard that. But do you know if they’ve switched to internet?”
H: “Hmm, mayybbbeee. But I sorta like the internet ones – cause it’s a normal jukebox but you can choose other songs and pay more money to bump your song to the top.”

Sigh. I could see the fun in that if you’re, maybe, super loaded in a crowd you hate on a Friday night, but I’ve never heard an actual person (AKA “not a Yelper”) say this before. Interesting.

Another reason the internet jukebox seems unavoidable, is that San Francisco bars seem to constantly be replacing their traditional jukes with them. So when you ask someone about jukeboxes, it’s not entirely clear if the jukebox they are thinking about even still exists.

So, Appeal readers, I’d like to know which bars you like to go to that have real jukeboxes, or which ones have had a good jukebox and recently switched.

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