As you might recall, the recently Chron announced that, in an effort “to provide a better reading experience for Sunday print subscribers and to differentiate it from our website,” certain items that appear in the print and e-edition Sunday Chronicle would not appear on their website until the following Tuesday.

On today, February 14, the print only story stock seems to be dwindling, which is actually kind of nice because I am fucking dying for a breakfast burrito. The Chronicle DOES give me what I want, after all! OK, kind of kidding (not about the burrito). Today’s 7 print only pieces are, as you can see in the picture above, 2 front page stories, and 5 columns.

What are these 7 “news” stories the Chronicle didn’t consider imperatively newsy enough to make available to SFGate readers for a few days? Let’s check ’em out.

Olympic champion finds fresh challenges Gwen Knapp (who is a friend of mine so you can’t trust me to be mean) profiles Kristi Yamaguchi, who’s a “special correspondent” from the Olympics for the Today Show. Yamaguchi looks great, won Dancing With The Stars, is married to a hockey player (say it with me, folks: “toe pick!“), won medals in the Olympics, is Asian. If you’ve a casual interest in Yamaguchi, you’ll enjoy this piece. If you don’t, you won’t read it (it’s real long). If your interest is more than casual, you know it already. Worth the $3? A nice piece, but nothing that can’t wait ’til Tuesday (if I have to have that song in my head so do you).

Position of Taser holster may be key to Mehserle’s defense This story uses phrases like “never before reported” and “revelations” regarding the theory (and possible legal defense) that BART police officer Johannes Mehserle meant to Taser, not shoot, Oscar Grant on Jan 1, 2009, but that his Taser was placed in a way that made it easily confusable with his gun. And there was a lot of stuff in this story that I did not know — like that BART expected its officers to draw from a shared pool of Tasers every shift, and to modify them on their own. I really like this story. Worth the $3? Yeah, it is, and it’s kind of too bad that it won’t get the attention it deserves on SF Gate, the way it would if you could just, say, buy a day pass to read the piece. OK, I’ll shut up about that.

Native Son: Classic delis have faded away — but certainly not these 3 Jesus christ what a random assembly of print only stuff, huh? This is a nostalgia piece about Italian delis, of which there are fewer than there used to be. But Molinari, Lucca on Valencia, and Lucca in the Marina remain. Worth The $3? Nope.

Matier & Ross: Dellums stirs political pot with talk of another term Oakland mayor Ron Dellums might run for mayor again. A guy who worked for Post Street weed dispensary Grass Roots Collective got hurt on the job, found out the hard way that (according to his lawyer) most pot clubs don’t have stuff like worker’s comp insurance. SFist’s favorite commenter, Peter “John Nelson” Ragone is working for some sheikh (am I the only person thinking about the last third of Taken right now?). A lawyer was in court when the court reporter had a headache, and he caller her dad, who made her go to SF General, where she was treated for “acute intracranial pressure.” Worth the $3? Is this a joke? Did you read the rundown I just wrote? No way.

Willie’s World: Party time in Manila during sister-city visit Willie Brown went on some junket to the Philippines. (For the first time ((and, god willing, the last)) in my life, I wish the Chron were the Times.) Willie likes Leland Yee’s chances for SF Mayor 2011. But first there’s the D6 race, in which he says the same thing everyone else does, except he says Jane Kim “ends up winning every time” which is wrong (no reflection on Jane’s chances! Just saying that Willie’s kind of full of shit, like you needed me to tell you that). House of Prime Rib will be busy tonight (Valentine’s Day). Willie loves “From Paris With Love” (Mick LaSalle’s job remains safe with this guy around). Some guy told Willie that he’s happy he got canned from Muni under the Brown administration, now he works for UPS and loves it. Even when Willie cans your ass you’re better off! Worth the $3? Someone should pay you $3 to read this, I am serious.

Scott Ostler: Duval shows that athletes have hearts (it’s not on B1 as they say on the front page of the paper, it’s on BB1, the wrap-around thing. Then it jumps to BB3, the back page of the wrap around thing, not B3 as they say on the piece. I was flipping all around trying to find it, folks, that whole “liking the paper in my hands” argument goes to shit when people can’t find the stuff they wanna read because you tell them the wrong fucking place to look.) The weather was nice at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am. Golfer David Duval was quite verbose at the postcompetition press conference. Worth the $3? If you’re interested in a behind the curtain look at a golfers and their competitions, you will enjoy reading this article on Tuesday, but I’d be misleading you if I said you needed to shell out for it today.

Ray Ratto: Sharks must survive Olympics, then face their shortcomings I like it when Ratto writes about the Sharks! However, this is mainly about what he believes the Sharks need to do once their nine team members get back from competing in the Olympics, therefore…Worth the $3? Tuesday is fine for this one.

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