Elsewhere: Your Itemized Bill For Cleaning Up After Valentine’s Day Pillow Fighters SF Weekly, DPW wants flash pillow fighters to pay $35,000 City Insider, SF pillow fight organizers asked to pay $35,000 ABC7

The San Francisco Department of Public Works is asking the organizers of the Valentine’s Day pillow fight in Justin Herman Plaza to help foot the bill for the popular event.

It cost the department $35,000 this year and last to clean up feathers and other debris, public works spokeswoman Christine Falvey said. The event is now in its fifth year, she said.

Falvey said the department appreciates the spirit behind the pillow fight and doesn’t want to see it shut down, but believes organizers need to be more responsible.

The department is asking those behind the event to apply for a permit and provide cleanup, security and portable toilets. Falvey said trash cans are also important.

“If you just show up at a random place and there are no receptacles and a large crowd, there’s obviously going to be litter afterward,” she said.

The $35,000 price tag is for the hours employees spent on cleanup, Falvey said.

“These are crews that are meant to keep downtown clean,” she said. “They’re called away from what they’re usually doing to clean up all these feathers.”

The department has not yet been able to identify the organizers of the pillow fight and is considering forwarding a complaint to the city attorney’s office.

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  • Xenu

    $35,000 for cleanup? Jesus Christ, how much are these janitors getting paid?

  • Wil

    @Xenu Public sector employees make on average 33% more than the private-sector taxpayers who pay their wages, see http://www.bls.gov/news.release/pdf/ecec.pdf.

    Makes sense, if you think about the fantastic level of service one receives on Muni and at the DMV.

  • Xenu

    Having worked briefly in the public sector, that report sounds highly suspicious to me.

  • raqcoon

    How many birds were sacrificed for this event?

  • modelenoir

    Wil: I think that’s less of an indication that public sector employees are overpaid than an indication that private sector employees are underpaid. Though I’d guess they could probably meet in the middle somewhere.

    edit: That report is interesting. I made the comment above before looking through it. If I’ve read it correctly, it shows that total compensation per hour worked breaks out like this:
    -Private Industry: 13.65
    -Government: 29.40
    -Civilian: 16.08

    They seem pretty far out of whack, though being a bit of a communist, I’ll read it to mean the private sector is not paying the proletariat enough. It could just as easily be read to show that the Government pays too much.


  • modelenoir

    ps. those numbers are specifically for service employees.