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That naturalist beardo from Victorian times, Charles Darwin, knew he was edgy-as-fuck. Just how edgy-as-fuck turned out to be beyond measure. 150 years later, his ideas are still being despised (creationism,) misused (eugenics,) and abused (Ray Comfort.)

Oh, and Swedish electro-freak sibling geniuses The Knife just polished off an opera based on the The Origin of Species. It’s called Tomorrow, In a Year.

“The Colouring of Pigeons” does switch gears into digestible-song mode, but forewarned is forewarned: this is an opera. So when listening, keep in mind that these sounds are meant to be paired with a visual performance (most likely insanely dark, weird and involving lasers.) I would also note that the lyrics are an important aspect, but from what I’ve made out, they seem like they may just be excerpts straight outa Origin of.

It feels ominous right off. At the start of the track I imagine myself to be beardo himself, brimming with curiosity and, at the same time, unspeakably terrified by the realization I may be on the brink of. Then The Knife’s unmistakable steel-drum sound. Karin Dreijir Andersson begins singing Darwin’s simple descriptions of the Galapagos in a voice I wish I could describe better than “Gorgeous Swedish, haunting.”

“In the mouth of the river – what a strange scene it is!”

My descriptions can only go so far with this one. Hear it for yourself!
And you can find the whole opera here!
This one’s pretty heavy. For comparison, might want to chase it with some classic Knife.

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