From commenter Alex Zepeda, regarding his thoughts on Saturday’s MTA “town hall” meeting:

These meetings are entirely for show…The primary purpose of this meeting is to explain that the state has been stealing money from the MTA.

If you look a bit further, it’s not hard to see additional evidence of what a farce this was. No Nat Ford, no mayor, no supervisors….

I’m a firm believer that any agency who would consider cutting 50% of the service to an isolated locale like Treasure Island is clearly not engaging its constituents very well (this is the biggest non-OWL cut in the system).

Public expectations for these folks working at the MTA are also a bit high. The MTA prattled on a bit about reconsidering cuts to the 108, and perhaps mitigating the cuts with bendy buses… not even mulling over the fact that infrequent service is as bad as overcrowding. Prattling on about what a great capital investment the Central Subway
is misses the point completely.

Instead, the MTA should take the money that’s being spent on printing up colorful packets, on junkets in SOMA, staffing these after hours town hall meetings, staffing an information-less twitter account, and sink it into maintaining service levels.

Readers, agree or disagree?

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  • pedrothejordan

    Whether or not Muni maintains a twitter account is not going to seriously affect the $52.7 million deficit this year.

  • Greg Dewar

    It’s good that Muni explain how state cuts are evil and all – the problem is that the MTA and the Mayor are not considering any revenue replacement measures of any consequence to replace them – instead they are dicking around with fare hikes and service cuts that will ensure the system collapses. Going to a hearing and whining about service has no effect – if it did, the MTA board would give a damn (they do not). Instead, people should be demanding they take pro active measures to fix the revenue problem, which will NOT be solved by just issuing a shitload of parking tickets.

  • Alex Zepeda

    As Judson pointed out at last night’s meeting, the MTA is only exploring the easy options that would not require approval from the board of supervisors. For $300,000 a year Natty Tatty Ford is taking the easiest way out.

    You could give them construtive suggestions, I suppose. You could point out that they’re pissing away four million dollars a year by cutting back on street cleaning. I doubt that’ll do much.

    As much as you might not like whinging about service, it does seem to sink in a bit if you do it right. At the Saturday meeting, a number of folks from Treasure Island spoke. As a result, the MTA staff addressed these folks specifically. No other lines were mentioned outright. Sixty odd people whinging about a bunch of things won’t change anything. If you get enough people in these meetings with pitchforks, the board will care.

    @pedro — So, Judson has so much extra time that manning a useless twitter account is good for the MTA? They whine that they can’t post service updates via twitter, but, really, would it kill Judson to check in with 311 maybe twice a day and post updates on twitter? Seriously, they can’t even bother tweeting about the sink hole? Major MUNI accidents? Judson’s salary alone might not be the straw that broke the camel’s back… but it’s surely an example of how the MTA mismanages what funds it does have.