Apparently, the best way to get the Chron to cover a news story news is to threaten their liquor supply — the  SF Chronicle’s Michael Bauer just noticed the ABC crackdowns everyone else been discussing for weeks, because one of his favorite infusions is actually illegal.

Yup!  In addition to shutting down our favorite wine shops for outdated violations and raiding and/or closing venues for serving fries instead of tacos, the ABC cracks down on “any process or procedure whereby distilled spirits are cut, blended, mixed or infused with any ingredient which reacts with the constituents of the distilled spirits and changes the character and nature or standards of identity of the distilled spirits.” (see ABC regulations)

Bauers’ favorite infusion, Limoncello, is illegal – as are some of San Francisco’s best infused liquors.

We’d tell you who serves them, because they are delicious, but, like Bauer, we don’t want to play a role in shutting down our favorite small businesses.

Maybe Bauer is also unaware of the recent award bestowed upon the California ABC for serving communities in California, Nevada and Arizona. In any case, he’s not happy about the laws, saying “this is one of those laws that
need to be modified and adapted to modern times.” It’s too bad he
came on to this as late as he did — it would have been great to see
him at the recent local protest against the ABC, Call The Mayor Day.

Well, Michael, it’s never to late to help: you can continue to tweet and blog your dismay, or join the opposition at the California Music & Culture Association.

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