One of the things that drives me nuts are people believing that they “own” the sidewalk in front of their house and putting gates/fences around the very few green patches of earth, thus restricting their use. I am a dog owner, and there are literally so few places my dog can go to the restroom it’s ridiculous. I, like most Noe [the readers’ neighborhood] dog owners, are responsible and ALWAYS pick up after their dogs. I think it’s rude and perhaps illegal for people to be fencing off publicly owned property such as public green space. Tips? Advice? Any more info on the issue?

Unfortunately for responsible dog owners, it’s not only legal for one to fence off public green space in front of his/her place, but somewhat expected. According to a city spokesperson, property owners are responsible for the sidewalk area (which involves any “public green space”) in front of their home, to the point where they could be sued if someone trips over a crack in their allotted portion of sidewalk. The spokesperson pointed out that this involves the responsibility of “keeping the tree base clean and litter free,” and if a home owner thinks a fence is the best way to do so, they have the right to put one up.

SF Appeal readers: Have any tips on places dogs can do their business in Noe Valley? Comment!

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