This’ll be my last weekend watch post.

Murder in Fashion — The Roxie

“In this ripped-from-the-headlines drama, gay party regular and aging boy toy Andrew Cunanan is forced to face the fact that his looks are fading and he is getting older, but he refuses to grow old gracefully. Instead, Andrew begins a murderous journey across the country from San Diego to Miami, killing anyone that gets in his way. FBI agent Harry Spalding is close on his tail, but even he cannot stop Cunanan from killing fashion designer Gianni Versace before shooting himself in the head on a Miami houseboat.”

*deep breath…where to begin…

1. Um…spoiler?
2. How does someone “get in the way” of a road trip to Miami? Are they just lying in the road?
3. Serious suggestion: plastic surgery?
3. Additional stereotypes include: wearing cut-off jeans, dancing to house music, and blowing coke off a No On 8 poster.


Trimpin: The Sound of Invention — The Red Vic

Didn’t I review this? (servant fact checkers!) I can’t remember. It’s a documentary about a musician/inventor with a one-word name who doesn’t pay taxes cause he’s homeless. SF-related. Enjoy.


Paranormal Activity — The Independent

I’m really proud of myself for waiting out the hype on this movie. People were all, it’s soooo good. And I was all, I’m pretty sure I won’t like it. And they were all, how could you not like it? And I was all, If I see it, I just might answer that. And they were all, I hate you, you’re so mean, go write on the Internet or something.

Free. Monday. 2-drink minimum. Info.

Noir City continues — The Castro

Personally I’m saving my money for Noir Country. That’s where the six-shooters are hunting rifles, Edward G. Robinson is a traveling cigar salesman, and all the fast-talking career gals are pregnant at 16.


Edge of Darkness — AMC Van Ness, Metreon, Century Centre, Marina Theatre

Mel Gibson remakes Ransom with a Boston accent.


Fish Tank — Embarcadero Center Cinema

“…Jarvis plays Mia, a 15-year-old girl in a constant state of war with her family, her school and her neighbors, without any constructive creative outlet for her considerable energies save a secret love of hip-hop dancing.”

Pop. Turn. Side step. Kick it back. Forward slide. Sex move. Shoulders. Shoulders. Show it to me. Where you at? Attitude. Foot tap. Arms cross. I’m waiting… *Applause* *Applause*


Night everybody.

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