Although it hasn’t been as rigorously documented as something like gravity, it’s a pretty well known fact that San Franciscans like to share.

They prefer restaurants where they can order several different dishes that come on little plates, and then pass those dishes around the table so everyone can “share them.” I mean, why would you get the entr

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  • Haze Valet

    I hope to see a full version of this post up soon! Bed bugs on free furniture is no joke in SF. The same thing happened to me in NYC, mostly because I am an idiot, but the chair was just too hip to turn down.

  • Katie Baker


  • Eve Batey

    Sorry for the confusion SoMatar — it’s just the headline that’s abridged, the entire article is there in all its glory.

  • Greg Dewar

    My block seems to have the most stuff in our neighborhood…someone once left out an apple cinema display, in the box. And apparently it worked!

    I myself got a practically brand new kitchen counter thing, with a bottle of bleach and a can of disinfectant “just in case”, that thing is sparkly new, more sterile than a floor in a hospital, and I only had to carry it a few feet.

    that said, I’m passing on the clothing and the shoes that seem to pop up at the end of the month…

  • raqcoon

    I’ve kept a few things found on the sidewalk (after careful inspection), and have returned stuff that didn’t work to the same spot. Sometimes I put niche stuff on the sidewalk and post it on CL. It usually disappears fast.

  • Adam Engelhart

    Yeah, I’ve never understood why there are so many discarded clothes on the sidewalk. You’d think people would want to keep them, as they generally seem to be in decent repair, but I haven’t had the inclination to make a close inspection.

    The amount of electronics you see on the sidewalks in this town is kinda amazing. After I moved here, I started taking pictures of the abandoned devices I found, and then I made a Flickr group for them, and then I stopped taking pictures of monitors and TVs because they were too common. These were three- or possibly even four-figure devices when they were new, and now they’re litter. Crazy.

  • cedichou

    Would it hurt them to bring stuff to Goodwill?

  • waterguy

    Or at least freecycle.

  • Belgand

    Apparently, yes. I live on Cole only a few blocks away from Goodwill and over the past weekend, despite all the rain, a wide variety of ugly crap showed up in front of my building. At first just a broken lamp and a few other odds and ends, but then a pile of CDs (no time for a box) and two boxes of books. Would it really be that hard to take those CDs over to Amoeba or Goodwill as opposed to leaving them out in the rain? Apparently it would.

    For some reason these things always seem to show up even more readily just before it rains to be absolutely certain that nobody will ever want them.

  • indoorcamping

    If you’re looking for a wardrobe update, Monday mornings are the best. And you can always find “good” underwear down by the windmill. Today, it was a pair of pretty plaid boxers.