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Vampire Weekend has officially released three songs from their impending sophomore effort, Contra. I chose this one because Ezra Koenig’s chorus yelps sound like a funny imitation of a female orgasm. I swooned a little, and their ADHDtastic “Cousins” was out of the running.

You remember Vampire Weekend: the sweater rocking Ivy League quartet who incorporated violins and violas into ditties about bourgie Manhattan shenanigans? It resulted in very pretty, very non-threatening indie rock that West Coast hipsters wouldn’t be caught dead admitting they enjoy.

In “White Sky,” Koenig coos about more or less what he knows best – pursuing a girl in a bright Manhattan setting that the majority of his lyrics nicely paint (“A little stairway/ A little bit of carpet/ A pair of mirrors that are facing one another.”) Yeah, the comfy pretentiousness can get obnoxious, but there’s a reason people are still reading Jane Austen two centuries later.

Oh, and if this hasn’t been brought up already, let me be the first to point out that this track does sound copyright-infringingly similar to Paul Simon’s “Crazy Love.” Well, Simon ain’t got nothing on Koenig’s giddy orgasm-yelps, which Koenig so aptly introduces: “it all comes at once …”

Stream “White Sky” on VW’s Myspace!

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