Desperately Seeking Susan, Silent Film Festival, The Wizard of Oz — Castro Theatre

How’s this for a Friday/Saturday/Sunday lineup? It’s like they sandwiched nap time between two awesome gay parties. Calendar.

Inglourious Basterds — The Red Vic (Fri/Sat)

You could definitely edit the trailer of this to make Aldo Raine an eccentric fashion designer, the Bear Jew an in-denial homophobic bully, Hans Landa a “pipe-smoking” “guidance” “counselor” and Private Fredrick Zoller as the up-and-coming starlet. That last one wouldn’t have to be any different really. Some Final Cut Pro whiz please take on this challenge. Title it Infabulous Basterds. My review here, info.

Where The Wild Things Are, Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans — The Roxie

Standing outside the Roxie, how will you know which of these two to choose? Have you already purchased a pack of Sour Patch Kids? Then it’s settled. Do you have 2 hours to kill before your dealer gets back from Reno? Done. Do you want to be dominated by a burly German director or spooned to a children’s choir soundtrack? Either way, you will leave as less of a man. Info.

Invictus — AMC Van Ness, Metreon, Kabuki, Marina Theater

Alright men, huddle up. We’re gonna beat this thing together. Website.

A Single Man — Embarcadero Center Cinema

And he’s rich! Website.

Me and Orson Welles — Embarcadero Center Cinema

Wait. You and Orson Welles do what exactly? Doesn’t matter. Zac Efron! Website.

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