SFGate Mommy Files blogger (interestingly, there is no “Daddy Files,” guess y’all Dads are on your own!) Amy Graff shakes her comment-bait moneymaker* today with a post headlined “Should kids be allowed to play with BB guns?

She goes on to cite statistics, quote recommendations from parenting groups (they’re against it!), but fails to mention one important fact: SFPD will cite or even arrest your ass for BB gun possession.

Yup! Even though, as SF Weekly points out, “the city’s anti-BB gun ordinance has been obsolete since 2004,” they quote an SFPD sergeant as saying “until the chief of police tells us not to cite on this offense, we will continue to do the citations.”

Predictably, Gate commenters fail to mention this aspect of the issue. Does this speak to their nonSFness, or their general ignorance? You be the judge. I just know if I posted something like that, I can think of at least three of you who’d be all up in my shit re. SFPD’s stance on the issue. And I love you for it!

*not that we’re judging comment bait! Big fans of comment bait over here.

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  • Greg Dewar

    Gate commenters a pack of lunatics on crack? Who told? 🙂

  • generic

    Does this speak to their nonSFness, or their general ignorance?

    I don’t see those as mutually exclusive categories (i.e. Livermore). SFgate pulls a whole lot of linkbait shit that has more to do with their anti-SF whackjob traffic than it does with local concerns.

  • antfaber

    If the BB gun looks like a “real” gun, it can also get them killed.

  • generic

    I hate you, Mom. That’s a bullshit excuse for not getting me Megatron.

  • Belgand

    Eh… when I was 10 I was given a child-size .22 rifle with a scope. It was always kept in my father’s gun safe though unless I was at the range with him. That’s the thing about this, it has nothing to do with whether BB guns (or any other type of gun) are safe, but rather whether they will be used by responsible people in a responsible manner. If you just give your kid a gun and let them run around with it unsupervised there’s a strong possibility of problems. Even worse if it’s the kind of kid who lacks control and good judgment themselves.

    In the city, however, well… I really can’t see any point in even owning a BB gun here. It’s simply too densely populated to have any reason for it. You’re better off just going to the gun range where you can actually shoot safely and if you’re doing that, why bother with something intended for the backyard?