What’s the best thing about any party (if you can’t drink or if you’re a bitch, preferably both, a la moi)?

Gossiping about it! Duh.

Last night was the SF Appeal Holiday Party at PariSoMa and Jesus Christ, Eve. Who were those people?

I met one gentleman who, when I asked him if he was a big Appeal
reader goes, “My cousin tell me come here.” He could not have been more
pleased orange juice was available, which he put in his plastic cup,
held up to me and said, “Oran joo.”

Apparently, the party listing made it onto the FunCheap
website, so anyone and everyone showed up, including the fun and, as
evidenced by the empty booze bottles, the cheap. At one point I looked
up and saw a steady stream of people just walking in the door, and I
leaned over to Brock. “Don’t know them, don’t know them, who are
they…WHO IS HE!”

Actually, the only person I saw trying to hook up was my “date”, Big Chris who found some poor woman to try and bang.

And now, here’s my lower tax bracket version of the C-Big who’s who:

Obviously Appeal Founder, our hostess and my hero, Eve Batey and her lover, Tim the Trainer were there. They’d secured 200 bottles of beer from Trumer Pilsner (Thanks Trumer!) and provided some booze and mixers, having no idea who and how many would show up. Turns out, everyone showed up.

Katie from Handjobbin’ DJed, which was fabulous because people danced. I didn’t know people still danced at parties. Appeal writers Christine, Ramona, Jackson, Richard and Chris (and his rad girlfriend Blaze) mingled with the masses. Loads of blogging types showed up, including Greg of N Judah, Benjamin Wachs of the Weekly, SFist contributor Chris Jones, DJ Tennessee (that’s
him playing the air keytar behind his head), The Brians of Calitics and Brock of SFist (obviously).

I gushed over TK from 40 Going on 28
for ages, I was so goddamn excited to meet him and his lovely wife.
Sometimes, I get a little stuck talking to someone who really likes my
blog and I smile and nod until I’m allowed to go. I really turned the
tables on TK with that one, but whatever. Amidst my blogging crew, 40
Going on 28 is hot stuff.

The Men of VidSF and PariSoma were hanging out, including Kieran, Steve, Ray and Julian.
Some woman (?) asked me about the PariSoma space and, well, she (?)
seemed a little weird so I pawned her (?) off on Julian. I had no
choice. She (?) came up to me and said, “Oh, I’ve seen your videos!
They’re great!”

“Thanks!” I beamed.

“You host those tech round tables, right?”

Um, no.

Beth H. (my better video half) and her husband Adam showed up, as did Sunny Angulo. No word if any of the tech round table types showed up.

Political types included Rebecca Prozan and Scott Weiner, both running for Supervisor in District 8, Debra Walker running in D6, Community Garden Board Member Steve Ngo, my secret lovah Paul Henderson, Judson True (direct from his book club) on behalf of the busses,  and the charming Chuck Finnie.

The bar was sucked dry, people had started to dwindle out, and the dregs of the beer sat
festering in cups. Eve started apologizing to randoms who came up
looking for free hooch.

Suddenly, an entourage carrying A TON of booze and cases of PBR
marches in and some man screams, “Move it, Spotswood,” slamming 2
handles of Seagrams down on the bar.

Oh, hello, Supervisor Chris Daly. Happy Holidays.

I counted 4 trannies, which, odds wise, lets you know how many
people were there and 1 older gentleman wearing a rainbow ski hat and
reindeer antlers which lit up.

Brian and I said hello to him and reindeer head says, “Hello Beth.
I very much enjoyed your ski trip in Reno. When will we see the Santa

Oh, er, uh. Thanks! It’ll be up any day!”

Obviously reindeer head is really a genius with fabulous taste and WiFi.

I’m probably forgetting a myriad of lovely people but honestly,
that place could not have been more packed. Overall, I think the soiree
was a smashing success. And I hope all of those “new friends” become
active readers, commenters, lovers and promoters of the Appeal.

Because next party? I’m bringing my own Diet Coke and getting the hell out of Chris Daly’s way…

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  • Corey Denis

    i have the san francisco superflu and decided not to infect you freaks. because i love you. “my cousin tell me come here” i love that

  • Greg Dewar

    IT was a fun party but I remember having a simliar experience of asking people how they knew about the appeal (i.e. reader, etc) and they gave me a weird look. Fortunately the awesomeness of the majority made up for any randomness and it was cool. But I think we left before the 2nd wave of refreshments arrived…

  • Eve Batey

    Bless you for writing this, Beth! I’m so terrible at the post-event writeup, and you are great.

    PariSoMa, Trumer, DJ Katie, and (unexpectedly) Chris Daly made the night all it could be. And it seemed like everyone (with a few nasty exceptions, like the douche who unplugged DJ Katie’s iPod while she was in the can so he could play A BLACK EYED PEAS SONG) was there to have a good time and meet people!

    The only thing I’m upset about (besides Black Eyed Peas Douche) is how I wanted to talk to everyone for way longer than I did — and some of our friends I barely got to say “hi” to at all. I hate that!

    I’m so happy and appreciative that so many folks came!

  • Christine Borden

    AHHH!! I am so glad you did not get me dancing on camera. That dude was CA-RAZY.

  • Brock Keeling

    somebody grabbed my ass.

  • bloomsm

    Too bad I did not stay long enough to (1) drink w/Daly and (2) watch my girlfriend’s roommate dirty dance on video. WTF? Next time I gotta come w/the late shift.

    Thanks to the Appeal for being great hosts at night and doing great work by day.

  • Andrew Dalton

    I heard the bright young minds behind local neighborhood blog “TheAggressivePanhandlers” were there too. They seem like nice fellows.

    Also, it wasn’t just a Black Eyed Peas song he played. It was a TIESTO REMIX of a Black Eyed Peas song. Double Douche Whammy!

  • Becca Klarin

    I can’t believe I missed Chris Daly! Next time, could he please show up at 7PM?

  • Chris Roberts

    so hungover

    great wrap-up, Spots!

  • Serene

    Dammit. I knew I was missing something good.

  • George Kelly

    Andrew, thanks for trainspotting that. I fell out laughing soon as I heard that come on.

  • Katied

    Just because I’m a tiny girl with only a computer to dish out the jams does not mean it’s okay for you to take over and act like you fucking know what makes the general public dance.

  • Eddie Codel

    I had a fun conversation with a guy who crashes the Back & White ball every year by riding his bike in a tux down to the back entrance of the venue early and is waved in as help. He’s been doing it for like 20 years and couldn’t shut up about it. He had no idea what the Appeal was, but he knew where the back entrance & free booze were.

  • DJTennessee

    That was not “air guitar”. That’s called tryin’ to go down on a chick.