I traveled to the Outer Sunset and all I got were two songs and a hurt left ass cheek.

is the coolest. With its disemboweled pinball and arcade games, a working
fireplace and one rapey, dark wooden booth, it’s a bonafide dive bar, like the ones in Oakland.

Because of this, my friend and I were only allotted
a short amount of time here by our other friend, for fear we’d get too drunk and get into fights, never leave, or be murdered. I think he might have been right with all of the above. I am coming back without said

This jukebox has it all: 80s – 90s classics like the Police, Hall &
Oates, Huey Lewis & The News, Bowie, to reggae-soul of Curtis
Mayfield and Marvin Gaye, to country crooners like Patsy Cline and Bo
Diddley, and finally, Bob Dylan.

We were all so amped up for the jukebox that we crowded each other and
while arguing over who got to flip through the files I took a step
back, onto my friends shoe, thought that my other friend was behind to
catch me, and fell completely backwards, like Regan in the Exorcist
(the power of the juke expelled me!).

Not one regular in the place blinked twice or turned their head at
my uproaringly funny fall.  My friends didn’t help me back up. They used this
opportunity to steal my plays. I’m only slightly irked that in the
scuffle, friend and myself both choose The Police’s “Every Little Thing She Does Is
Magic”. I say slightly because that song rocks. But still, it was one
of the only songs I got to select because of my jukebox whore of a friend.

It’s one of those jukes where you can hear the whirr of the cd’s loading. Perfect.

Where: Pittsburgh’s Pub (4207 Judah Street)
Good: For getting loaded in a real dive bar and feeling like you’re back in your hometown. Bring your posse!

Bad: It’s in the Outer Sunset.
Cost: $1 3 plays $2 6 plays

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