The jukebox at Lucky 13 is like that teenage puppy love when you go to
punk shows and make out in the pit with some guy you find cute because
he wears converses and holey skate shirts — while your parents are
outside waiting to pick you and your friends up so you can have a
sleepover where you watch The Undertaker and his Pals and drink coffee at 4am.


This jukebox is dedicated to punk like Subhumanz, The Cramps, The Saints, Jim
Carroll, Dead Kennedys, Rancid, Iggy Pop, U.S. Bombs, etc etc etc. The
list goes on and on. And on. There’s some pretty hardcore punk that I can only
imagine the 4pm drunks like to blast before the regular people show up.

The one problem that some people might find quaint but I find annoying is
that 1) punk songs on a jukebox are really short. 2) case in point, at
Lucky 13 each CD is a compilation of around 26 songs by 26 different

It’s a little overwhelming when I just spent 3/4 of a beer squinting and scrolling and then
forgetting what I wanted to select because whoops, I want to play that
too. But will they sound good together? I guess it doesn’t matter
because all the songs sound good together. But all you really want is to sit upstairs and continue
your stimulating conversation on old vintage video games you really
don’t give a shit about but your friend is really into it, so drink up,
it’s fun, you like the red aura and you get to listen to
The Ramones’ Needles & Pins.

They offer Dead Kennedy’s California Uber Alles as four
different selections. So erratic yes, but just like punk should be. And
considering I fell in love with my first great love at a Groovie
Ghoulies show when I was sixteen, when I see them in a jukebox, I’m
immediately smitten.

What: Lucky 13 (2140 Market Street)
Good: For staying in touch with your youthful roots, but oh my god! — you’re an adult now.
Bad: For spoiled feminism.
Cost: $1 3 plays, $2 7 plays, $4 11 plays

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