Our friends at BeyondChron have written an interesting overview of the frontrunners in SF’s 2012 mayoral election. What they say, in a nutshell:

Leland Yee: He might be fucked with progressives because he’s anti-tenant, but the West side of the city loves him so he might not need progressive support, anyways. Also, something about “some personal issues in his past that are likely to re-emerge in a tough mayoral campaign.” Leland Yee suddenly sounds a lot more interesting! Tell us more!

Bevan Dufty: Popular and gay.

Dennis Herrera: the city atty’s office, which he runs, gets high marks from BeyondChron. But will that translate into a political base?

Phil Ting: Watch out, Leland Yee, Phil Ting’s Chinese, too! Eric Jaye, Gavin Newsom’s one-time campaign guy, is now on Team Ting, which is interesting.

Jeff Adachi: He’s a “clear progressive” which means he’d “enter the race with the support of much of the electorate that supported Matt Gonzalez.” (Appeal note: haven’t all those people either gotten better jobs and become Newsom supporters, or moved back home since 2003?) BeyondChron does not specify Adachi’s ethnicity, but we will — he’s Japanese.

Kamala Harris: Might be a moot discussion, as she might end up being our next Attorney General. She’s a black lady, and fights crime (Just like Hannah Washington), but no one knows what her views are.

But all this is just speculation, what do y’all think? Cast your vote below, citizens!

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Eve Batey is the editor and publisher of the San Francisco Appeal. She used to be the San Francisco Chronicle's Deputy Managing Editor for Online, and started at the Chronicle as their blogging and interactive editor. Before that, she was a co-founding writer and the lead editor of SFist. She's been in the city since 1997, presently living in the Outer Sunset with her husband, cat, and dog. You can reach Eve at

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  • Akit

    Akit for mayor? Just a thought.

  • Xenu

    Wait… Harris is black?

  • cedichou

    You can’t write in Matt Gonzales?

  • cedichou

    Among the presented choice, I’d go with Dennis Herrera, since he follows me on twitter even though I haven’t used it in like for ever. That’s a dedicated politician.

  • irrelevance

    Fuck Yee. I refuse to vote for anyone that believes video games should be regulated like cocaine and pushes laws (specifically the video game bill) that are modeled on other laws that have been proven unconstitutional several times over. How many millions of tax dollars were wasted fighting that video game law, Yee? Thanks for putting the government in the position of our parents. We clearly don’t know what’s good for us.

  • Mirkarimi?

  • antfaber

    Typo alert: the next mayoral election will be in November of 2011. You only have 2 years to decide on a candidate. Get cracking.

  • Brock Keeling

    Vanessa Getty.

    Failing that, Herrera or Dufty.

  • Jackson West

    I, for one, have neither moved away nor gotten a better job.

  • Eve Batey

    That’s an interesting point, Jackson! But knowing what you know now, would you still vote for MG today?

  • Greg Dewar

    They’re all well mannered people, and mean well, well most of ’em anyway, but I don’t know that doing the same thing over and over will get us the results we need. We haven’t had an adult in the Mayor’s office for quite some time, and we won’t fix it with people who aren’t willing to really put forth a real plan, a contract if you will, with the voters about what they’re promising and be held accountable.

    We were told if we elect Matty G, the city hall would be run by a flake who’d run the city into the ground. Well, plenty of people voted for Matty G and look what happened.