When it comes to concerts San Franciscans are basically Bipolar Type I. There is no person in the world more joyous than a San Franciscan who just bought tickets to a show at The Independent, but there is also no person more morose than that San Franciscan once they get to the show. San Franciscans seem to like music, or at least enjoy buying tickets to concerts, so what is it that makes them stand around lethargically at shows and glare at people who dare to touch their elbows?

It may be that when the San Franciscans saw the word “Concert” they thought it referred to a new bar in SoMA that does an MGMT night every other Friday. With this in mind, they flocked to the show only to find what appeared to be several 12-year-olds standing around on a stage and playing music that doesn’t quite sound like the Time to Pretend the San Franciscans could be listening to right now on their iPods.

It might be that San Franciscans are just the kind of people who want to commune deeply with their live music, by standing absolutely still and allowing the lyrics to penetrate their brains, but it’s kind of unlikely. Granted MGMT kind of sucks live, but, come on San Franciscans, even a half-assed version of Electric Feel is better than a sharp object being rammed into your eyeball.

When it comes to MGMT San Franciscans are like 23-year-olds who just had sex for the first time with the person they’ve been casually dating: completely over it. Of course everyone prefers what they can’t have, so maybe MGMT shouldn’t have made themselves so available this weekend.

Two shows in two days, is that any way to treat a San Franciscan, MGMT? It’s like MGMT doesn’t even read the dating tips section of Cosmo. It’s also possible that MGMT doesn’t know how to read, or how to play a show without acting like they are doing everyone a huge favor. Well, San Franciscans returned that favor on Friday night, because no one beats a San Franciscan at an ambivalence contest.

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