Guess what?

You can help Mayor Gavin Newsom pick a new logo for his Gubernatorial Campaign!

Before you get too excited, they provide you with options. It’s not like you can draw some pictures of hair gel or martini glasses and enjoy a personal little chuckle at a 3-year old joke. Nope, you’ve got to pick from six designs, none of which are going to win anyone any elections, if you ask me.

First of all, they completely miss the best thing this guy’s got going for him. His smokin’ looks! Say what you want about the guy’s politics, you would totally fuck Gavin Newsom (angry sex counts.)

Second of all, not one of these 6 designs is nearly as good as his original campaign logo when he first ran for mayor. Long before I ever took keyboard to internet, I remember driving through the Marina thinking, “Cute sign.”

Finally, Eve asked me to suggest alternate logo ideas. But really, why? “Rumors are swirling” that Gavin is going to drop out of the race. Newsweek claims that his campaign is imploding and Newsom’s raised like, 50 cents. But I think the most telling inkling is this interview in Details Magazine, which yes, I read.

I go up to Napa, and I’m sitting there on a Sunday afternoon, and everyone’s looking at me saying, “Now, why are you in politics?” And I’m looking around going, “Hmm . . . interesting point!” –Gavin Newsom, current candidate for Governor

This is what’s called resigning oneself to the inevitable.

Do I want Gavin Newsom to run for Governor? Hell yes. Bloggers need fodder. I can only go on so many lesbian cruises to Alaska.

If I was a bettin’ woman, would I say he was at least considering throwing in the towel? With no knowledge of literally anything at all, sadly I would.

Is the best thing about Facebook the knowledge that Ruby Rippey joined the Facebook group “Jerry Brown for Governor.”

Wait, that has nothing to with anything except…yes it is!

Back to the suggested logos, I guess I like the red one. If for no other reason than I’m sick of that man and his obsession with blue. Gavin Newsom and the color blue is like 11-year old me and the color pink.

Which now that I think about it, would make for quite an eye-catching lawn sign.

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