I know I’ve complained about this before, but it’s been a solid 2 months since the Getty Brothers last wrote a blog post on SFGate’s City Brights. 2 months. Not so easy, is it, Billy and Peter?!?! You know what drives me nuts? When people just decide to have a blog. Like that horrible Amy Adams in Julie & Julia. “I could have a blog!”

Then that bitch went and got a book deal and a movie and I’m stuck here writing this shit for you people.

I kid. I love you.

ANYway, I can’t begin to count the number of people I know who were like, “Your blog is retarded. I want one!” So they signed up to Typepad or Blogger and spent 3 hours selecting their font. Then they wrote a post about their landlord or some dude they dated and they next thing you know, their last post was in May of 2006.

Oddly, as I started writing my “I want a blog!” for revenge against an ex-boyfriend, I’ve been too afraid to miss more than a day lest my point that “You are an idiot for dumping me” not be driven home at every opportunity. That was 5 years ago.

I guess my point is, Billy and Peter Getty can suck on it. They made it perfectly clear that they’ve got nothing else taking up their time, but they still can’t find the creativity, conviction or commitment to take finger to keyboard with any kind of regularity.

I’m not saying every post needs to be genius. I’ve written about stepping in dead pigeon. I’m just saying, don’t march around in your Issey Miyake caplet drooling, “I’m going to write a blog about my fabulous life of appalling privilege” if you’re incapable of doing so. It promotes a stereotype the rest of us bloggers find frustrating and inaccurate.

Actually, I speak only for myself here. And obviously, I wish I had a butler so I could write all about What the Butler Saw.

Because if I did, I would write ALL THE TIME.

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