So, you thought our reports on CitiApartments were scary? For a pre-halloween thriller, imagine living in a place with these problems:

Your building is infested with rodents, bed-bug, and cockroaches. You walk over deteriorating concrete and “befouled” carpeting, and don’t have access to permanent electrical wiring. Also, you witness (if you do not participate in) continual arrests and violent crimes within the building. The managers refuse to respond to notices of violation from city departments, and the neighbors pretty much hate you.

Congratulations, you live in the Bridge Motel, an SRO whose management is being sued by the City Attorney in a civil suit. With across the board health and safety problems, an “egregious pattern” of crime, and 91 calls to the police in the past 7 months regarding the Bridge all listed in the suit, this residential motel is on the City Attorney’s shit list. The short one, which is Sharpie’d onto his desk and then crossed off with a knife. 1) Close down the Bridge. 2) Avenge true love’s death at the hands of the Joker.

But in seriousness, sources tell us that this is not merely a result of an SRO existing in the Marina, and that the city has sued SRO’s outside of the Marina in the past. It would be tempting to think (perhaps if you were into hating on the Marina) that Marina-ites would be especially uncharitable at the sight of trash being dumped out of windows and hypodermic needles being discarded in adjacent lots. We’ve also been told that a lot of complaints have come from passersby, not just tenants. But from what we can tell, the Bridge has been around a while and its category spanning violations and disturbances have brought on the investigation.

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