So I just got my EBT card and was off on my bike to spend my hard-earned food stamps on cruelty-free groceries at the Rainbow during a lunch break from my part-time blogging job (yes, I am a cliche) only to find that it’s pandemonium in the bulk bin section!

I could hardly get to the dehydrated curry-lentil soup for all the passive aggressive body language and personal space issues! Also, there seems to be some system worthy of astrological divination when it comes to maximizing your savings and handling coupon redemption. So, two parter — when’s the quietest time to go, and when’s the best time to go for discounts? Because I imagine the two are mutually exclusive, but both good to know.

According to sales associate Marvin, you should head over to Rainbow Grocery right now if you’re looking for peace and quiet in the bulk bins – the calmest times to go are mornings on Monday, Tuesday and Friday. Wednesday and Thursday are best for discounts, since everything in the store is 20 percent off on those days if you have a coupon (which you can find in the 2009 AT&T San Francisco Phone Book).

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