What’s going on here? Is it Burning Man? Is that why we’ve got an animated apocalyptic movie about sensitive sock puppets, a shorts festival where god knows what happens, and a midnight Muppet orgy? No better way to rest up from a week of acid, amphetamines, and Tylenol PM than by watching movies directed by other people doing those things.

9 – Century Centre 9, AMC Van Ness, Sundance Kabuki,

District B-12 was too hard for people to understand. Better make it simpler. District 9. That’s better. Let’s make that movie. Okay but really, what’s up with this “district” business anyway? Does every apocalyptic event have to take place in a numbered district? Why not Neighborhood 9 or Locale 73? You know what? You’re right. Who needs words at all? We’ll just keep the 9. Oh, and let’s do away with real people too because F that shit. Website.

SF Shorts – The Red Vic

The problem with short films is that they’re too long. I could deal with 1 second films. “Hey you wanna watch my movie?” “Sure!” “So!?! What’d you think!? Too out there? “As if! I loved it!”

Catch a bunch of these slogging behemoths at the only place where you can put soy sauce, honey and garlic salt on your popcorn at the same time. Info.

The Dark Crystal – The Clay Theater

Oh just watch this. September 11, 12. Info.

Earth Days – Lumiere

The actual Earth is about as messed up a place as any of these fake earths. This movie “looks back to the dawn of the development of the modern environmental movement.” We should talk about “the dawn” of more things. Thank you bus driver, this moment marks the dawn of my journey to work today. And now let us rejoice at the dawn of my eating this turkey sub. I have to go, it’s the dawn of the end of today!

Starts Friday. Filmmaker Robert Stone In Person Fri & Sat, September 11 & 12 at 7:00pm. Info.

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