Last night, SFist Brock, NBC’s Jackson West and I attended the League of Pissed Off Voters fundraiser at Elixir. The League prints a fabulous voter guide each election and even to a unsophisticated dilettante like myself, it’s a well-researched, honest look at every ballot item. They do an awesome job and last night’s event hoped to raise money to print this thing.

“Celebrity” bartenders included Supervisor Chris Daly, Public Defender Jeff Adachi, School Board Member (and rumored candidate for Supervisor in District 6) Jane Kim and writer, Broke Ass Stuart.

The joint was packed but we managed to find seats at the bar. Suddenly, celebrity bartender Chris Daly, who was sporting a Matt Gonzalez t-shirt, came over and asked what I was drinking.

“Do you know how to make a Shirley Temple?” I asked.

“Do you know how to make feet stink?”

Daly was clearly in his element, like the unnecessarily liberal, straight version of Tom Cruise in Cocktail.I took that as an awkward yes and watched Chris make me an incredibly complex and time-consuming Shirley Temple.

Chris Daly bartending is hot. There. I said it.

Even Brock leaned over and said, “Chris Daly is… kinda cute.”

Chris should bar tend for charity more often. He was clearly in his element, like the unnecessarily liberal, straight version of Tom Cruise in Cocktail. Chris slammed the Shirley Temple down in front of me. “It’s on the house.”

That’s pretty much all it takes to woo me. From this moment on, whenever I’m tempted to call Chris Daly “Supervisor Straightjacket,” I’ll think to myself, “But once he hooked me up with a Shirley Temple.” At least I disclose it. I should really preface anything I write with a list of people who’ve bought me with a shot of grenadine.

Now let’s talk about Jeff Adachi, the public defender. My knowledge of this guy’s job description is based solely on reruns of Law and Order, and I’ve always found him kinda nerdy and uninteresting. Who? Hitachi? What?

Last night, Jeff was sporting a rather fitted t-shirt displaying ripped, tattooed arms. I’m not talking wimpy, ironic, hipster tattoos. These tattoos implied Jeff has spent some time in the Merchant Marines. It was, needless to say, unexpected.

There were plenty of people in attendance, but very few of them we recognized. District 8 Candidate Raphael Mandleman was dolled up in a suit and pink tie and I spotted District 10 Candidate Eric Smith at the other end of the bar. Otherwise, Elixir was packed with, well, a bunch of pissed off voters. It was fun! The bartenders had their hands full and everyone seemed to be having a very loud, very sweaty evening.

No word on how much was raised for the Voter Guide, although I can report I did not win the raffle. Which sucks. I was really hoping to score those Pet Shop Boys tickets and take Chris Daly…

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