Energy 92.7, San Francisco’s “gay radio station” passed away on Thursday, Sept. 10th due to complications from a business transaction. Known primarily as a dance music station, KNGY’s passing is particularly difficult for those of us who listened to “Greg and Fernando,” the popular morning show favored by fag hags with commute, such as myself.

Who can forget KNGY classic moments like the time (December 15, 2006) Mayor Gavin Newsom revealed his hair product was “a blend” of various toiletries? Or the morning Fernando actually mentioned me by name on the radio and announced, “She must be out of her damn mind!”

Most of my weekday mornings for the past 5 years involve listening to Fernando and Greg sass each other interspersed between the hits of Lady GaGa and the inimitable, Jordin Sparks. My happiest morning moments were driving across the Golden Gate Bridge sipping coffee and sucking down cigarettes while belting the Scissor Sisters. What the hell am I supposed to do now? Concentrate?

In addition to being incredibly, incredibly gay, or maybe because of it, Energy was constantly involved in the community. They were local, they were accessible, they were simply around all the time. If an organization had a cause, an event and a drag queen in attendance, Energy got folks to show. It was nice, having a little, local gay radio station. We’re San Francisco. If we don’t have our own little gay radio station, what the hell do we have? KFOG?

Let’s fight back! Let’s get KREV drunk and fuck him!I love KFOG as much as the next guilty liberal from 1997, but I can only listen to an expert discuss composting before introducing Train only so many times. I need some good lube humor every once in awhile. Don’t you?

Word on the internet is that a homophobic radio overlord bought Energy from the gays and, without the slightest warning, is turning it into something called KREV, “The Revolution.”

K-REV sounds like the nickname of a Camaro-owning, Midwestern frat boy.

But it gives me an idea…we should revolt!

If this, the city that basically invented homofabulosity, isn’t gay, who the hell is? How dare KREV show up and can the queens! One cannot simply come to San Francisco and take away part of our community, especially the part with the dick jokes at 7am. Let’s fight back! Let’s get KREV drunk and fuck him! It’ll be easy. KREV coming to San Francisco, acting all homophobic and killing our gay music? Please. Total closet queen.

There will be radio-free San Francisco again. You mark my words.

Services for Energy 92.7FM were held Friday night at The Lookout and I imagine, they continue today…at the Midnight Sun, at Badlands, at The Caf

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