The folks at the San Francisco Symphony very kindly invited “The Beths” to film a video report of Wednesday’s Opening Night. I have to admit, the first hour of the shindig was pretty intimidating. While my questions to partygoers were all of a musical nature, it’s kinda tough to walk up to former Secretary of State, George Schultz and ask, “If we were to start a band, what would our band name be?”

The second cocktail hour, this one opened up to a broader scope of high falutin’ types, provided a slightly easier interview audience. None the less, Beth and I struggled to find people willing to go on camera and answer our highly controversial questions. One group, who’d enjoyed an abundance of champagne, actually dragged us over to them.

“Who are you!?!? Is this on TV!?!?”

“We’re the internet!” I replied.

“Interview him! Interview him! He’s running Gavin’s campaign!” She screamed this, as if I was going to shit myself with glee.

This lovely and aggressive blonde then grabbed the arm of what I assume was her date and dragged him towards me. Gorgeous and tuxedo clad, this dude wanted nothing to do with “The Beths.”

“I’m not doing any interviews.” He deadpanned, refusing to make eye contact.

Fine with me, pal. I know this might come as a shock, but tonight’s not about Mayor Newsom, which, since you’re so fuckin’ fancy, is how you might want to remind your date to address him. I mean, really. Respect the office.

The night was about the children, anyway. I don’t know if the folks from “Newsom for California” could handle the very challenging, “What musical instrument did you play as a kid?” in the interest of drawing awareness to the Symphony’s musical education program. They already give so much. Can’t they just enjoy their champagne?!?! My GOD!

Speaking of fuckin’ fancy, please forgive my hair and make-up. I got dressed in a public restroom (no joke) and it was really goddamn hot in there. That being said, I’ve got to hand it to the ladies of the Symphony Opening Night Gala. They brought their sartorial A-game.

Enjoy the video and THANK YOU Symphony!

Photo: Civic Center Mike

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  • Bill

    Great video! You should make a video where the other Beth gets on camera too. Just an idea. That stuffed shirt working for MGN is an idiot. Isn’t there a saying in politics that every vote and every opportunity needs to be taken advantage of? I think his date should be running the campaign, not him!

  • Beth S.

    Thank you!
    And I’ve been TRYING to get the other Beth on camera. She won’t hear of it, but I’ll keep on her. After all, at this very party, someone came up to us and asked, “Are you one of the Beths?”
    “WE ARE THE BETHS!!!” We screamed.
    This seemed to annoy him, as he only recognized one of us. Maybe it was the screaming, actually. I can’t be sure.
    Anyway, thanks again Bill!

  • sfmike

    I’d have to say that this is The Beths’ first really great online video. You were out of your element, culture-wise, and still managed to capture the real flavor of the evening. Your inclusion of the interview with the childhood-clarinet-playing waitress alone was sheer brilliance.

    By the way, almost all good photographers/videographers HATE being photographed themselves, so don’t bother Le Autre Beth with your requests. I’ll throw in a pic of myself on my photoblog once in a blue moon to keep myself honest, but I don’t enjoy it.

    Can’t wait to see what the two of you do next.

  • PatriciaA

    While I played the piano because my mother owned an original Stienway and sons baby grand… i would so pay mega bucks to see the Beths play Jazz….complete with complimentary Diet Cokes on hand….its a must go kind of deal…anything with horns and guitar works for me…

  • Greg Dewar

    this video was fun, it made me wish I’d gone to the symphony, and I am not usually the kind of guy who goes to those things. I’m glad they exist, but it’s no longer my “scene.”

    and I find hilarious that Newsom’s “manager” ended up coming off like a douche…